2014 Norco Range Carbon 160mm enduro mountain bike

The new Norco Range Carbon takes the 650B wheels and 160mm platform and makes it lighter and more enduro race ready.

The head angle is half a degree slacker, giving it a bit longer front center. The change was based on feedback from their World Enduro Team riders Ludo May and Lucas Anrig. It use their Gravity Tune frame sizing concept introduced with the 2012 model year. Basically, it means the proportions are changed across frame sizes simply by tweaking the BB position. This effectively creates longer stays on larger models even the actual stays (and rocker) are the same pieces on all sizes, giving them better economies of scale.

Drop in for detail pics…

2014 Norco Range Carbon 160mm enduro mountain bike

It has an alloy chainstay because they didn’t want to risk damage from chainsuck on a part that’s going to see a lot of abuse, and the weight isn’t too far off what they could have done in carbon.

2014 Norco Range Carbon 160mm enduro mountain bike

The chainstay and downtube get rubber armoring. The entire frame gets ArmorLite, a protective resin coating that adds further impact protection.

2014 Norco Range Carbon 160mm enduro mountain bike

The frame is roughly 25% lighter, and like the Sight Carbon, the top models get 1x drivetrains without a front derailleur mount. There’s already an open slot for internally routing a stealth dropper post, so losing the FD would give you another empty slot to get creative with.

2014 Norco Range Carbon 160mm enduro mountain bike

And if you’re sitting on a standard dropper post, there’s removable external routing along the top tube.

Shown here is the Range Carbon 7.2, which retails for $4,135 CAD. Above it is the 7.1 and LE (Limited Edition), both with 1×11 drivetrains and retail topping out at $7,515 CAD. Full specs and geometry charts are already up at Norco.com right here.


  1. I love the idea of manipulating the sizes to keep the “feel of the bike” the same for the taller riders. Hate the idea of a GAPING HOLE in my frame because I chose not to run a dropper post or front mech. These things should come with little blanks to hide that stuff. Toyota gave me blanks to put over the gizmos and gadgets I didn’t buy, why can’t frame designers? Also wish we’d drop the direct mount front mech so that when I go 1x I don’t have a tumor on the side of my bike.

  2. Seriously, I think some people spend more time LOOKING at their bikes than riding them…

    You’re worried about the mount for the front mech or some hole from stealth routing?! Thats bound to add 5 seconds to your Strava times…

    I reckon all I need to do is put a sticker on my bike that says “Enduro Specific” and I’ll gain like a minute on my best times…

    Go ride.

  3. Liberty I don’t think you understand JMU’s point, good rant however. What is the deal with the chain stay pivot points? Does anyone know why they are moving closer to the bottom bracket?

  4. It’s not a matter of LOOKING at the bike more than riding it, it’s a matter of a company caring about details.

    Also, it’s a matter of a damn hole in the side of a mountain bike! Because, you know, mud and water aren’t going to get in there.

  5. A couple points can be added to clarify these comments.

    With each bike will come blanking plugs. These will mount in replacement of the internal routing ports to seal the frame.

    The Range will also be available with or without a direct mount front derailleur. For 1×11 specific bikes there will not be a front derailleur mount on the frame.

  6. That looks awesome. But the seat tube angle gets steeper as the frame sizes get smaller. Um, taller riders need steeper seat angles not slacker! This is a poor way to control ETT.

  7. I can’t wait get my hands on this carbon Range that is slacked out! I think that new Manitou Mattoc fork would be the hot set on this bike. I have a Dorado on my DH bike and it puts the Fox 40 & the 888 to shame.

  8. I have the carbon LE frameset on order, comes with stealth dropper, DBAir CS and no front der mount. My build will consist of Next SL 1x crank with a OneUp 42t 10 speed rear, 2014 Pushed 36 RC2 Float and Derby carbon wheels. Come on Norco, hurry up and release this beast!

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