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Festka is no stranger to steel bikes decked out in colorful chrome. This time, the Czech company with a knack for the eye catching has introduced a new show stopper crafted from Columbus XCr stainless steel. This XCr was custom made for Columbus and was on display at Eurobike. The XCr Stainless sits along side their Zero carbon and the XCr Pablo (their current bike of inspiration, based on Picasso’s work).

Check out the rest of the bike including the color matched Cinelli stem after the break!

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Festka Bicycles XCr Chrome (4) Festka Bicycles XCr Chrome (7)

The XCr steps away from 1 1/8″ head tubes in favor of a 44mm standard with a Chris King Inset 7 providing the spin. The Columbus carbon fork is also perfectly matched to the frame.

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Using a stock stem simply wouldn’t do, so a Cinelli Neos stem was treated to the same chrome finish as the frame and fork. Festka calls it a chrome-finish painting that takes several days to complete but can be done in a number of colors.

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Festka Bicycles XCr Chrome (5)

As a traditional road frame, the XCr has fixed downtube cable stops with adjusters, though the finish is carefully applied to every bit of the frame. A King PF30 BB is found down below.

Festka Bicycles XCr Chrome (1)

Custom built frames are available in the US as a frameset for $3,500 and includes the frame and fork. Check out Festka more more wildly beautiful designs.


  1. That is nice looking but I wanna know what happened to their crowd funded carbon lug project? You know, the $1200 pay up front $3600 frame-set.

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