bont riot semi custom road bike shoe

The new Bont Riot road cycling shoe brings their customizable fit down to a more attainable price point.

For €125, you get their molded carbon outsole that wraps up around the foot, particularly high on the heel cup.

The uppers get a more standard microfiber instead of the premium Durolite on the Vaypor+. But, it’s still completely heat moldable to create a semi custom fit. And you can mold and remold it 20 or more times until its just right. Weight is just 295g for a middle of the range size.

There’s also a mountain bike and triathlon version…

bont riot semi custom road bike shoe

bont riot semi custom road bike shoe

bont riot semi custom road bike shoe


  1. I prefer my q to be lower not higher so I would have the bolt pattern on the opposite side of the shoe. Nice to have the an option other than only centered.

  2. I owned these shoes for one week, never installed a cleat because they don’t fit PERIOD even after “heat molding them” the only advice bont gave me was leave them in longer…..which didn’t work. THEN only to find out when I returned them that QBP wouldn’t take them back. They said they were missing the shoe bag which they never came with….

  3. I have older A-ones and they are the best shoes I have owned, I will never wear other shoes ever again!!! Stiff and durable and there is nothing wrong with them. Cant wait for the new custom option.

  4. I’ve had these a couple of months and have found them to be excellent. Haven’t even had to heat mould them because they fit so well out of the box. I followed the Bont sizing guide where it instructs you to measure your feet in mm which meant I had to size up 2 sizes from my usual casual shoe size, but it was definitely worth it.

  5. Happy to see this cheaper bont shoe finally coming to market. Price is quite decent and they now can fight against sidi. I have some questions though, maybe somebody from bont can answer them?

    1.- The riot shoes will be available in full black someday, maybe? would be great.
    2.- Will be maybe in the future a riot version with a 4bolt patter sole for speedplay?
    3.- Bont mtb seem to have a new rubber sole, right? that’s good, cause everyone was complaining about the previos mtb sole, it was very bad, even for only racing use.

    If you read the forums, the heating process might take a few tries, but in the end it works very well. A lot of long time sidi customers are switching now to bont shoes.

  6. I can speak from personal experience (I currently own a pair of vaypors and zero’s and have had CCT1’s in the past), if you do not feel the heat moulding working place the shoes in for a slightly longer time to warm and become mouldable WARNING: keep checking the shoes as damage will be done if left for too long. The carbon on the rear portion of the shoe should be fairly pliable when removed, place the shoes on and stand with weight on balls of your feet until cooled, you will have to mould the shoes with your hands while they are pliable, I have even redone mine a few times and just held the heelcup tight without my feet in to get it nice and snug for my narrow heels. Do NOT walk in shoes when they are not fully cooled as this may and will crack the carbon sole and heelcup. Even saying all of this these shoes are not for everyone but will fit 95% of people if you stick with them, it took me about 5-10 tries with all my pairs but I am now more than happy with the fit. Bonts rock!

  7. I’ve had 2 pairs of Bont’s, both literally fell apart, broken buckle on one pair and upper delaminated from the carbon on the other pair. Their return policy sucks and communicating with them is also a nightmare, clearly a non-english speaking person is the “customer service” contact. Took forever to get anything resolved. I finally got a replacement pairs… One pair had the same issues as the first pair, delaming… Also fyi, I never even heat formed these, I can’t image if the were “cooked” the would have fallen apart immediately. The other replacement pair had sharp pieces of carbon fiber inside the toe box, terrible, literally could not even buckle them up… I sent them back immediately. For a “premium” brand they are seriously lacking in QC, durability and customer service. Furthermore, I would not advise ordering these w/o first trying them on, the fit varies, one pair fit well, the other terrible (pressure points). I’ve worn, Sidi’s, Specialized and Shimano’s all fit and preformed great. FYI- I am in California, no local shop stocks Bont, now I know why. In short AVOID BONT SHOES!!!

  8. I love my Bont Vaypor+ and really liked the A-Two and standard Vaypor’s so much that I just purchased a set of Vaypor XC’s for cross season and mountain biking. I’ve tried on the Riot and for the price it is the best band for your buck shoe out there.

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