2014 Race Face Atlas and Aeffect mountain bike flat pedalsRaceface has been on a roll in recent months with the introduction of a sub 500 gram carbon crankset, a new line up of 35mm handlebars and stems, entry level wheels, saddles, and more. In between all the product releases, they’ve also managed to create an exciting new set of flat pedals that introduces some unique features to the market.

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2014 Race Face Aeffect mountain bike flat pedals The Aeffect pedal is the mid level piece with an extruded body and about 100cm² platform. It’ll have 10 bottom loading pins per side, 20 per pedal, that’ll have a hex shaped tip (these are preproduction).2014 Race Face Aeffect mountain bike flat pedals The slightly concaved platform is 14mm tall at the center and 17mm at the leading/trailing edges. It’s rolling on a chromoly spindle supported by a cartridge bearing and bushing. The end cap has a removable bolt for quick greasing. Target weight is 375g for the pair with pins. Black, red or blue for $119.2014 Race Face Atlas mountain bike flat pedals The top end Atlas is “everything we wanted to put into a pedal,” says Heynen. It gets a hollow chromoly axle with four cartridge bearings.2014 Race Face Atlas mountain bike flat pedalsThe 100x114mm platform has a double concave shape that’s 12mm thin at the center and 14mm at the circumference.

2014 Race Face Atlas mountain bike flat pedals Another unique feature is angled pins on the front and back to really dog into your shoe and help you pull through the pedal stroke and prevent slipping.2014 Race Face Atlas mountain bike flat pedalsIt’s forged then CNC machined into final shape. Weight is 355g (claimed). $179 in black, red, blue and green.

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  1. I love it when my shoes “dog” into my pedals.

    Please, proof read your copy & preferably have it done by a different person.

    These kinds of typos are rampant lately.

  2. @Chader, maybe because they’re dog tired covering Eurobike and loading things up as quickly as possible. Cut them some slack and if you really can’t understand the writing then go somewhere else.

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