The new Yeti SB75 is a middle sized iteration of the SB-66 and SB-95 with 650B wheels. Surprisingly, the 26″ model will remain in the line, so there are now three options with the Switch eccentric bearing suspension design.

The name SB75 gives away wheels size (7) and travel (5). I asked why not give it 6″ of travel rather than 5″ since the wheel size is really closer to 26″ than the 5″ SB95 29er. They said they did test a 6″ version but it rode better with five inches of travel. Plus, they’ve discontinued the carbon ASR575, so they wanted another 5″ bike in the lineup.

It’s in production now, available in October. Alloy only for now, but given that its siblings are available in carbon, too, it shouldn’t be long before a composite frame is on offer.

The SB-66/95 both get a carbon fiber rear triangle on the alloy bikes. The change runs across all models and drops 0.9 pounds off the frame without changing the price. Sweet.


The SB-95 carbon gets a new yellow color option.


They’ve also redesigned the ASR 575 as a 650B bike, so this one does replace the 26″. They took the opportunity to mix it up a bit. The rear shock tune was tweaked to sit a bit higher in the travel and not sink through the middle so easily. It has a 67° head angle, 13.6″ BB height and 5.75″ travel.

For 2014, they’re also offering lower price complete bikes. They will start under $3,000 – final pricing and details TBD. Alloy bikes only.


  1. I wonder if a 26 inch wheel with 2.4-2.5 big volume tires would be similar to a 27.5 wheel with 2.25 tires. Reasoning behind is getting a lower bottom bracket height as long as it does not negatively affect the geometry or handling of the bike. I’m curious if anyone has tried it or considered it, since some bikes might not be available in 26 inch wheels.

  2. Javier- was wondering the same thing. 27.%” wheels are in fact more like 27″in diameter in reality, and a bigger tire on a 26″wheel can bump you up to 27″. I had such a setup on a 26″bike a long time ago, I used a Tioga 2.3 Factory DH tire. It got the diameter of the wheel up, but it also had a ton of weight and rolling resistance, a lot more than a 650b rim and normal-sized (2.1″ or so) tire.

  3. Tim,

    I already run 2.4 Hans Damps and Nobby Nics on my bikes, 4 and 6 inch travel, depending on terrain because rolling resistance can be too much otherwise, but I love riding big volume tires and the benefits that come with them, even if they are slower. That is why I’m wondering, because the outside diameter should be similar to a normal setup on 650b, as long as geometry is not impacted negatively, which it does not seem like it might.

  4. For what it worth, I have 1 bike of each wheel size and according to my rudimentary measurements:
    -26″ wheels with 2.25 tires = 673mm (26.49″) in diameter
    -650b wheels with 2.25 tires = 698mm (27.48″) in diameter
    -29″ wheels with 2.25 tires = 736mm (28.97″) in diameter

    And in case you’r wondering, in my list the 650b (AM) is the solid winner followed by the 26″ (Trail). The 29″ (XCR HT) comes in a distant 3rd place.

  5. Could you put a 6″ fork on this bike if you want the extra travel? I know it will change the way it rides and the overall geometry, but I’m curious to see if it was possible. I am a fan of the 6″ travel and the 27.5 I’d love to be able to do it!

What do you think?