kenda neveal x pro mountain bike tire

Kenda has revamped one of their most popular tires as the Nevegal X, making it lighter and faster.

Compared to the original, the X’s knobs are more ramped to reduce rolling resistance. Side knobs are a little smaller, and the overall profile is more rounded.

It’ll come in 26″ (2.1 and 2.35), 27.5″ (2.1 and 2.35) and 29er (2.2). Actual weights are TBD, it’s just out of the prototype stage – note these are actually labeled as “Lite” and not “X”.

Click through for a tire that now gives even less of a…

kenda neveal x pro mountain bike tire

kenda honey badger x pro mountain bike tire

They’ll have a new Honey Badger XC Pro coming very soon. It gets a bit smaller, lower profile knobs placed with a bit higher frequency. It’s still pretty openly spaced, so it should shed muck quick and easy. We’ve ridden the original on some pretty aggressive trails and been pleased enough to get a couple sets for long term review. These are aimed at those that like to climb and rip flatter sections of trail as much as the descents.

Weights and full tech will be unveiled at Interbike, but we know sizes: 27.5×2.05 and 29×2.05.

Both tires thankfully get their Dual Tread Compound, and some sizes get their tubeless ready SCT casing.

At least one of their cyclocross tires gets the X/Pro treatment, too. We’ll have more on that at Interbike


  1. Nice job Kenda – some weight reductions to compete with all the other large tire brands out there. Certainly have product to do so.

    Kenda can compete at a higher level – they just need to focus on a consistent branding and marketing 70% more than they are now.

    weights? oh -no not available right now – is it my imagination or does it appear they are afraid of putting tire weights out there – all other tire shows on BR seem to have weights.
    updated website? um – no they don’t have that either?
    active facebook posts about just bike tires? oh no they don’t have that either. They are focusing on golf cart tires and car tires for going sideways.

  2. Wow, nice job Kenda, making reductions in weight and improving tires.

    How about posting up some weights – how can the consumer get excited without seeing weights and making comparisons? Don’t be afraid, every other manufacture of tires, has weights on BR.

    speaking of consumer – you have some great products avail now – maybe focusing about 70% more on marketing and branding your products, improving (or even updating your website) might help sell more tires. Your kenda facebook page is marketing golfcart tires and car tires….no focus on bike tires it seems.

    Maybe explaining pro, non pro, x/pro/ semi pro, women’s specific versions might bring light to what consumer has available to them.

  3. I have had three pretty new Nevegal UST tires (no sealant) suffer catastrophic ply failures (big damn holes) in the past year. Love the performance but I am afraid we must see other people at this point in our relationship.

  4. I really like the nevegal as a front tire in situations where your front tire absolutely needs to hook up. Been cutting off half the transition knobs to give it a little more bite at higher lean angles – looks like the new one is worth trying.

  5. Will it last for more than a week without the knobs ripping off and exposing the casing? I love the Nevegal tread pattern, but I could never get them to last more than a couple of weeks, so I switched to the Panaracer Rampage, which has the same tread pattern, but doesn’t fall apart.

  6. That new Nevegal looks very much like the Bontrager xr4 tire that’s been out for a few years. I would be interested in comparing weights if they’d post them.

  7. I have the honey badger on my ripley and really like it as a front , waiting for the new nevegal to put on the front of the ibis and move the badger to the rear. My Titus el Guapo is my 26″ I have a kenda nexcavator on the rear and absolutely love the tire, better than the old excavator and will put a new nevegal on the front when they come out. I have run the nevegal off and on for 10 years, change once in a while just to see what’s out there, overall no issues with the old nevegal. If anyone llikes kenda they should seriously think about trying the kenda nexcavator , I think its better than the old nevegal. What I like too is kenda tires are descently priced compared to other tire companies

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