Kwiggle Bike ExtendedThe Kwiggle bike aims to be the smallest folding production bike every made. When folded, it will fit in most carry on luggage. The trade off for this convenient size? The scooter hybrid bicycle thingy must be ridden while standing, with your weight only partially supported by the saddle..
Kwiggle Bike Detail Shot

The compact up front is just for mockup of this preproduction sample and not indicative of what the retail version will look like

The entire bike is incredibly simple. It has one speed but 2 and 6 speed versions are planned, chain or gates. Braking is performed by stepping on a metal fender, which pushes down against the rear tire.

Kwiggle Bike FoldedWeight is 6-8 KG and the bike will be offered with either 8″ or 14″ wheels. Folding size is 55x40x25 cm. No word on pricing or details, but we’ll keep you updated.

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  1. I guess I’ll just be the first to say don’t worry about pricing or detail updates. I’m fine with my Brompton, which actually rides great and is gate check capable. This thing just looks down right dangerous.

  2. I guess these guys want to get in on the raging success of the Sinclair A bike, by making something even worse?

    By the way it is bigger than the A bike so I guess they failed…

    A bike 67 x 31 x 16 = 33kcm^3
    This thing 55kcm^3

    Missed by a loooong way…

  3. Sometimes I think BIKERUMOR posts this stuff we have something fun to comment on.

    Here we go:
    -Does anyone remember it from South Park?
    -I am sure those 8″ rigid wheels will feel great on the wooden dock it is pictured on.
    -If they make a front derailleur for that double crank I will probably quit my job and become a bowling ball technician.
    -Standing while pedaling is something everyone can do for long periods of time. Why wouldn’t that work?
    -How small do you actually need a bike to be?
    -“Braking is performed by stepping on a metal fender, which pushes down against the rear tire.” I dont see any problems with that.
    -@Pedals: Yes I think it goes inside of you.

  4. I do not know where to begin…..@Kurt The Mechanic you pretty much nailed it as i would have approached it with my funniest quote forward. 8 inch wheels? a few small rocks will put an end to that monstrosity. It goes inside you….lmao @pedals @PDX

  5. Don’t see much diff between paddling along on a skateboard and this thing.
    Yeah, I think I will wait for the full-blown Mr Garrison model…

  6. “I just don’t understand, I thought this folding would make me look interesting. I’m still not meeting girls. Maybe if I put aero bars on this thing I would look cooler. Nope, with the aero bars it won’t go into my urban man purse. Maybe if I got some rollerblades…”

  7. “with your weight only partially supported by the saddle..”
    That’s the case with all saddles. It’s what separates them from seats.

  8. The Kwiggle Bike was developed in the past years. it now looks like this and riding the bike was awesome! its really cool! its not ridden like a normal bike, thats what makes it very unique.

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