vittoria corsa sl 700x24 and Cross XL tires

The Corsa SL in tubular and clincher is Vittoria’s fastest tire, and it gets a new 700×24 width along side the normal 22.

It uses a multiple surface texture design to improve grip in cornering. Weights are 255 for the tubular and 220g for the Open Corsa SL clincher.

The Cross XL is a new cyclocross tire designed for muddy conditions. It has tall, widely spaced tread blocks with sharp edges to bite into the ground. It has a 320tpi cotton casing and can be run with really low pressures. It’ll come in clincher and tubular in both 31 and 38 widths. Weights are 430g for tubular, and the XL Pro clincher is 460g and gets their TNT tubeless compatibility.

They’re also working on a Graphene compound for use in bicycle tires. It’s been used in tennis rackets and is likely making its way to other sporting goods. It’s similar to carbon, and they’re looking at it to help improve air retention in their tubulars and improve durability. Because it’ll replace some of the rubber, it will also reduce weight. They’re in testing now with another company as a joint venture to get the development processes nailed down.


  1. Is the Cross XL offered in 31 and 38 widths or 31 and 33 widths? Vittoria’s website says the latter. Not trying to be snarky, just really hoping the 38 is accurate.

    Bring on the wide tubeless ready CX clinchers for christ’s sake!!!!!!!

  2. @crossisboss I overheard in a shop today that they will have some available later this fall (read very soon after Interbike) and will also be attending all of the UCI and NEPCX stops in New England with some demo/test tires and such.

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