Transition TR450 Product ShotAt Eurobike this year, Transition Bikes is launching three new 27.5 models and a completely revamped TR450 Downhill bike. We don’t have the full details yet, but drop past the break for a sneak peak at the new goods.
Transition Tr450 Concept Art

Love the new bike? Then check out our Shimano Saint equipped TR450 Test Bike!

The new TR450 has been completely reworked to increase suspension performance, reduce weight, and improve the ease of geometry adjustments. Complete bikes will be sold with a new Anvil Components trim kit.

Transition TR450 Eurobike Concept Art and InfoThe new downhill bike is adjustable from 7-8″ of travel and will replace both the TR250 and TR450 in the 2014 line up. On the previous frame, the geometry was adjusted via three different geometry and chainstay chips. The new system allows riders to adjust the geometry without keeping track of any spare parts.
Transition Covert 27.5 EurobikeThe new Covert has been redesigned for tweener wheels, but still shares the same short chainstays as the 26″ model. This new bike also gets internal dropper post routing.

The Covert is currently available in 26″, 27.5″, and 29″ iterations, with only the 26″ model seeing the carbon treatment. No word on if a carbon covert 27.5″ frame is in development, but all models will now come stock with the excellent new Fox Float X shock

Transition Bandit 27.5 Eurobike Sneak PeakWe first got a sneak peak at the Bandit 27.5 at the first Oregon Enduro race in Hood River a few months ago. This new bandit doesn’t just rock bigger wheels, it also has a longer top tube than the 26″ and 29″ iterations. According to Lars Stenburg, you can expect to see longer top tube sizes from the company in the future.
Transition Trans AM 27.5 Hardtail EurobikeThe TransAM hardtail has always been an extremely versatile ride in all its wheel size configuration. Transition just seems to have that careful balance between capable and shred-able dialed and you can bet this hard tail will deliver plenty of smiles. This new model features important updates like a lower, slacker, and more aggressive stance.


  1. Huh. Are you sure it isn’t the other way around, Sevo? The TR450/250 have been around for a few years and have almost kept the same design.

  2. @Sevo

    I think it’s fair to say that GG’s bike looks a lot like the TR450. Transition has been making the TR450 for a fair bit longer than GG has been making theirs.

  3. Riley and Pedals are right. The TR450 has been around much longer. The GG is also made in Colorado which is kinda nice in this day and age. But I’d rather have the Transition.

  4. How on earth can you compare the GG with the Transition? Unless…oh you are trolling. Nice. Totally different bikes. The Tranny rips and with the new pivots is going to be my choice for banging wet laps in the PNW.

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