This prototype DVO Diamond enduro fork is nothing more than a 3D printed model, but the finished product will have 35mm stanchions and an air spring balanced by a coil negative with their OTT (Off The Top) preload adjustment.

The damping cartridge actually may end up on the right hand side because there’s a bit of oil in the air chamber, and the valve is on the bottom. They don’t want it to spray oil on the brake rotor when you’re releasing air, so flip flopping it from the normal placement is a logical solution.

Compression damping gets high and low speed external adjustments on the top, and standard rebound control is on the bottom…


It’ll max out at 160mm travel with 10mm internal adjustments down to 150mm or 140mm. It’ll be offered for 26″ and 27.5″ wheels. Both use the same lowers but will have distinct crowns so they get the right offset for each wheel diameter. Unfortunately, no 29er for now.


It’ll have a carbon fiber (or some other composite) mini fender bolted to the crown.

Look for a launch around Sea Otter next April if things stay on track.


  1. Why not coil?!!! Fox air springs with the coil negative spring have sucked since the very first Float. Rock Shox just ruined their by going Solo Air. A simple coil just works so much better, and if done in titanium, there’s only a 100g weight penalty.

    I’ll hang on to my Van 36, thank you very much.

  2. @ole,
    air spring curves are hard to get right, especially in the longer travel options, but you CAN get em right, and the benefits are tangible. to say that Fox Float and F-series forks have all sucked, lets just say there is an extremely large majority that would disagree with you.

  3. Looks like a REAL viable option on my next bike build (Turner Burner) . Hope they get it out in time and with a 20mm axle option.

    That mini fender is a nice idea.

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