Wahoo Segments iPad app lets you ride Strava segments virtually on your Kickr trainer

The new Wahoo Segments iPad app ties into Strava and lets you find any segment, anywhere, and view any person’s time on that segment. Then, it lets you select the one you wanna try to beat and it’ll pull up the info in a side by side column and let you virtually race it.

It then connects to their Wahoo Kickr trainer via Bluetooth Smart and changes the resistance based on the segment’s elevation variances. As you ride, it’ll show both you and the Strava rider move along the course in real time, providing a solid visual on just how far ahead or behind you are.

At $30 for the app, it’s not cheap, and the Kickr trainers are $1,099, but pride is priceless. You’ll need a free Strava account to tie into it, but no need for a paid premium account. Unless you want to sort the leaderboards by age and weight, then you’ll need Premium.

Available now through iTunes. Click through for screenshots…


Once you select a segment, you’ll see the leaderboard for it on the left and a map and elevation profile on the right.


Select your nemesis du jour from the list and it’ll bring up their info. Start riding and it’ll show you and them as a moving dot on the map and peg their recorded data against your real time data.

This is perhaps the easiest way to see just how much faster the pros are. Stay tuned, they’ve got some other really killer Strava integrations in the pipeline…


  1. How in the F do you replicate wind, temps and other variables that can’t be replicated on a trainer. There goes the point of Strava. Virtual B^ll$hit! I hope that trails still keep getting built for real and that they don’t become some sorta Virtual mess! Nothing like real wind and dirt!

  2. “This is perhaps the easiest way to see just how much faster the pros are.”

    Umm no, riding the same stretch of road/trail is. However, this is perhaps the easiest way to blow mega $$$ on a meaningless doodad to make trainer sessions more interesting…. Or you could just watch a TV 🙂

  3. I think you guys are forgetting the fact that it’s trainer season and this is something that is absolutely wonderful for replicating the terrain of the real thing.

    I’ve been using this app on my trainer for a little over a week now and it is absolutely wonderful for replicating courses I’ve already done. It provides the feeling of “being outside” while not actually being there when you see yourself passing familiar markers.

    Want to practice climbing? Pull out your favorite torturous route. It feel spectacularly similar to the real thing. I did this segment the other day and I’ll tell you, it felt like the real thing.


  4. Also – It posts to your own Strava profile. It won’t post to the segment itself.

    Quite evidently nothing can replicate the altitude, wind, temperature, draft feel, traffic, and prostate aggravation that comes with the real thing.

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