Triathlon helmets aren’t typically something I get super excited about. But the new Rudy Project Wing57 time trial helmet has some really innovative features that really stood out.

It’s a progression from the Wingspan they introduced a while back and was developed with aerodynamics guru John Cobb. At first glance, the biggest difference is the lack of an extended tail section. Instead, it uses a central fin on the exit port that has a magnetic extension to fit different rider back/neck shapes. It’s called the Vortex Killer, and it’s designed to reduce turbulence while helping pull more air through the helmet and balance out the high pressure zone typically created at the front of a helmet.


Air is pulled in from side vents and routed out the truncated but very large exhaust port. A dorsal fin directs it outward, helping diffuse crosswinds and reducing drag. Depending on your shoulder and back position, the extension slides on and is held in place magnetically.

Not shown, the front has a removable vent cover over two small ports. There’s also a removable visor to shield the eyes.


For triathletes, they built in small loops to hold the straps in place to help you put them on quicker.


Another nice touch are the flexible side panels, helping it fit better and be a bit more comfortable.


  1. The Giro Selector came out a couple of years ago with the convertible tail. Lazer and Kask have been doing the magnet thing. So nice enough helmet, but I don’t know about innovative.

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