Mondays are usually pretty busy times in the office, but if you find yourself with an hour to spare, this Cult BMX release is worth the watch. It’s been out on DVD for almost a year but this is the first time the entire movie has been made available for free online. There are a couple mind blowing segments and Dakota Roche pulls some tricks that will literally leave you swearing at the computer screen.


  1. Really, very first image is of vandalizing personal property of others. What [deleted]! Ok, perhaps that is dry erase or something similar but is then followed by same image in what appears to be spray paint on concrete…
    Property of others should not be the canvas for graffiti without consent.

  2. @Crash The vandalism in the opening seconds turned me off as well. That was as far as I got. It doesn’t help the stereotype that BMXers are juvenile delinquents and lawless stoners.

  3. hahaha…

    couple of road-riding super fred’s chiming in on a video that’s almost 2 years old… trying something known as “google…”

    or, better, learn how to steer in the rough and tumble Cat-5 sprints.

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