Boardman Bikes just sent over this teaser of an upcoming lightweight Sportive road bike. The video shows testing of three different prototype bikes, each with different carbons and layups, being ridden in Kitzbühel, Austria and included testing on the infamous Kitzbüheler Horn.

The B56 moniker actually refers to their development team. The actual product name, as well as spec and options, won’t be finalized until later in the year. It’s planned as a 2014 model that’s as suitable for racing as it is for all day backroad jaunts.

“This is an exciting development from our R&D department,” says Chris Boardman, the brand’s namesake cofounder and R&D Director. “Two years in development and testing, the fine tuned result is designed to cater for the rider who spends a lot of time in the saddle – either training, racing or purely for the love of cycling.”

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