2014 Cervelo R5 road bike

Cervelo introduced their latest top end Project California edition, the 667g RCA, earlier this year. Now, the R5 gets updated with much of the same tech but at half the $10,000 price.

The big changes include the switch from the boxy tube shapes to their Squoval shaping, which melds oval and square shapes to blend stiffness with aerodynamics. They’re boasting a 7.4 watt advantage. It also yields a 9.5% stiffer bottom bracket junction and 15% stiffer head tube section.

At $5,000 for the frameset, it’s not cheap, but at least it’s future proof. Routing will work with any mechanical, electronic or hydraulic (brakes – rim, not disc) systems. They’ve even bumped tire clearance for spacious 25c accommodations.


From a quick glance, they’re not all that different looking. Click to enlarge (a bit) and you’ll notice a little more edge to the downtube-to-headtube and top tube-to-seatstay transitions. That, and apparently the saddle likes to be pointed down more now.

2014 Cervelo R5 road bike

Three complete bikes are offered ranging from $7,000 (Red 22) up to $9,000 (DA Di2), and the frameset, which includes the fork, headset and seatpost, is $5,000. So, um, yeah – $2,000 for a full SRAM Red 22 group and wheels, cockpit and the rest? No brainer.

We’ll have more details on the new bike from Eurobike.

2014 Cervelo R5 road bike frameset


  1. Maybe I’m overreacting but it irks me to no end when I see any bike that costs more than $500 have a saddle, bars, and levers adjusted like that for press release pictures.

  2. I simply don’t understand.
    For 500$ more you get a COMPLETE HONDA CB500F 2014 MOTORCYCLE.
    Don’t tell me the enginering and the mold are expensive, etc,…

    On the other hand, the more people buy these expensive frames, the more I will benefit from trickle down technologies … on an affordable bike.
    So, I support all those who think that when buying such a frame they’ll become better cyclists.
    Me, I’ll just use a more affordable bike and HTFU !

  3. Sly

    Economics of scale. How many Hondas will be sold relative to how many Cervelos?

    One can also spend $100K+ on a motorcycle. Do you compare those motorcycles to Hondas?

  4. I’ve never thought I was a better cyclist because I own an R5. I just happen to enjoy my rides more. I’d happily pay for another one if something happened to my current bike.

  5. …so many poor people on bikerumor…
    cant see how anyone could spend 5k on a bike frame? good for you, now move along, youre in the way.

  6. @Greg not poor. just people that their lives didn’t turn out the way they wanted to so they have to be bitter about things they cant afford.

  7. Another lawyer bike [yawn]. Bikes are so darn good these days the performance difference between this and a $1500.00 frame isn’t worth worrying about. $3500.00 for the Cervelo logo.

  8. @ greshkov

    You say: “I’ve never thought I was a better cyclist because I own an R5. I just happen to enjoy my rides more.”

    Imagine how much I enjoy my ride when I drop a R5 VWD owner on rides with my “poor people” bike !

  9. Who in the world is approving these marketing photos!! Like pmurf said, the saddle, bars, levers and even cables are completely set wrong! This isn’t a Walmart bike. C’mon guys put a bit of pride into your product. I work in the marketing biz and would never let this go.

  10. Keep making these bikes…. it just makes me feel even better when I roll past them in a race. Last LOCAL TT I did a guy showed up in $15K worth of Specialized Shiv including upgraded wheels. I was sure he was going to be the winner…I mean he had THE BIKE. He was actually in a beginner class and didn’t even do that well. I like a nice bike but $5K for a frame does not give you $5K worth of performance.

  11. @ sly,

    if that’s really what’s important to you, buy a $100 dollar bike off of craigslist and shame everyone. i don’t buy bikes so that i can prove anything to anyone else. i buy them to enjoy my riding experience. when i get dropped by guys on less expensive bikes i don’t feel shame. when i drop guys on bikes more expensive than mine i don’t think i’m somehow better than them. i’m not a lawyer or dentist, i’m just a guy making an okay amount of money who likes nice bikes.

  12. I have lots of expensive bikes. But expensive is all relative. A couple grand for a cool bike is no sweat. But for other guys 100 grand for a 911 is no sweat. Some poeple put millions into hobby farms and wineries. I don’t hate on them or call them stupid for wasting their money. It’s all the same to me, if you have the means, then get whatever you want. If you don’t have the means, then don’t worry about it.

  13. Value is a complex equation and involves a lot of different factors, as well as being highly subjective depending on who you are.

    5K for a production carbon bike popped out of a mold in Taiwan or China? Expensive? Depends. 5k for a made in USA custom bike, say a Firefly… expensive? Maybe not. What’s the backend investment in research, engineering and tooling? Material costs and top end QC? Projected volume? Buyer take up? Redundant stock? It all adds up.

    Sort of why a Porsche costs what a Porsche does.

    To me yes, I feel 5k is a lot of dosh for something popped out of a mold, with no more love or care put into it than the 3k model doing the same thing. But that’s me. I drive a van because I like it and own it. I’d never buy a Porsche as to me it’s a wasted investment for what I’d use it for.

    If you can’t afford it, don’t harsh on those that can. Pointless argument. If you can, and don’t that’s cool too. But if you can, and do, then if it makes you feel good. hey, why the hell not?

  14. hey there Antipodean, see if you can muster the [sale:R&D:direct mfg COGS:marketing budget] ratios of


    i bet you find porche and firefly are not that far off while cervlo puts its money into selling and little else. just my opinion.

  15. Cervelo caters to a market that doesn’t find their prices objectionable. As far as I can tell, none of the people griping about the prices have been forced by Cervelo to buy one of their bikes.

    $1200 still gets you a Tiagra CAAD8, and I have no problem with someone buying one. By the same token, if someone has the means to buy this bike for several times that, I’m not taking it as a personal attack.

    Remember, people still buy 6 series BMWs too (but we all know that’s just silliness)

  16. Love my Cervelo R5, it makes me want to get out and ride, ride and ride some more… I head out with guys with cheaper bikes and more expensive ones too. Just great that we are all out riding!

  17. I’m glad to see the ever insightful PinkBike forum has moved to the Bike Rumor comment section *sigh*.
    The new R5 is an absolutely beautiful bike and is definitely on my radar along with a Devinci Leo SL.

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