Repair Rebel RingThe quirky new Rebel Ring is a versatile multi tool featuring 24 of the most common tools in a light weight and compact package. Designed by Thomas Smafield, it offers riders the right tool for every job. With this 85 gram titanium ring, you’ll be able to adjust almost every bolt on your bike without carrying a crescent wrench.

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Rebel Ring Above Saddle Bag Storage

The ring fits conveniently under a saddle or can attach to a bag. Each unit comes with elastic cordage for easy storage. Repair Rebel Allen

Each of the inner knurls acts as a metric wrench, the outside face houses the commonly used hex head, torx, and screw driver bits. The cutouts, where the elastic cord wraps around, do double duty as spoke tools. Rebel Ring SizeThe entire package is smaller than your average android phone. Rebel Ring Tactical BlackDid I mention this titanium goodness comes in tactical black? Speaking of which, do you think it is to early to start leaving Sweety christmas hints?

Head over to Kickstarter to order your own. It’s $25 for either the silver of black. Just hurry, there are only 8 days left in the campaign!

Each wrench features the following tools:

  • 3mm Hex Head
  • 4mm Hex Head
  • 5mm Hex Head
  • 5.5mm Hex Head
  • 6mm Hex Head
  • 7mm Hex Head
  • 8mm Hex Head
  • 3mm Hex Bolt Wrench
  • 3.5mm Hex Bolt Wrench
  • 4mm Hex Bolt Wrench
  • 5mm Hex Bolt Wrench
  • 5.5mm Hex Bolt Wrench
  • 6mm Hex Bolt Wrench
  • 9mm Hex Bolt Wrench
  • 9.5mm Hex Bolt Wrench
  • 10mm Hex Bolt Wrench
  • 15mm Hex Bolt Wrench
  • Phillips Screw Driver
  • Flat Head Screw Driver
  • T25 Tork Head
  • 3.23mm Spoke key (DT/Wheelsmith Nipples)
  • 3.30mm Spoke Key (Most European)
  • 3.45mm Spoke Key (Most Asian)
  • 3.96mm spoke key (Larger Sizes)


  1. Good to see that the production version will have longer bits on the tools… Those look rather short on the prototype. This is the second tool on Kickstarter with more or less the same concept…

  2. I really want to like this tool, but I think they seriously miss the mark with the bits they offer. I’ve never heard of a 5.5 or 7 mm allen head, but use 2, 2.5, and 10mm hex heads all the time. There are few, if any nuts or bolts on a bike 6mm or smaller, nor have I ever heard of 9 or 9.5 mm nuts or bolts (9.5?? WTF?), but 8mm is extremely common on brakes and is omitted? I think I’ll wait for V2.0.

    I wonder if they could fit cone wrenches onto the inside of the ring?

  3. what a waste of money wrenchs are never used, only 4,5,6,7 tools are necessary 1 spoke and where is the THE CHAIN CUT topeak is a better option

  4. I ordered the Reductivist from their Kickstarter campaign, the smaller tool ring that was more bike specific. Think it had 12 or 14 tools, but all ones I would use (2.5,3,4,5,6,8 hex, 2 spoke, allen and flat screwdriver, 2 torx I think). Much smaller, key ring size. Stainless steel, think it would be tougher than ti. I am impressed that this guy can offer such a big tool in ti for that price.

  5. My bad, it ‘s called Ringtool, and it has 3,4,5,6,8 hex, flat and phillips, t25 Torx, 2 spoke, and bottle opener.
    Should ship October i think.

  6. Were you upset that your spoke nipples and bolt heads were too straight and easy to get a wrench onto? Well then, do WE have a product for you!

  7. Sorry but this thing looks ridiculous, those hex bits are way too short for a solid purchase in a socket cap, let alone wrench any kind of recessed hex, like a rear mech bolt. Odd shape to use, really wide so will impede turning anywhere even slightly restrictive. And 9mm?! I think my workshop set of hexs has a 9mm, let alone 9.5mm hex! Kickstarter really frustrates me sometimes, the number of sub standard, poorly engineered products you see on it is crazy. I’ll stick to my tried and tested multitool that can access all bolts with a good amount of torque thanks!

    Oh..and no chain tool!

  8. Sorry but this thing looks ridiculous! The hex bits are far too short for good purchase in a socket cap, and the tool is too wide for anywhere with the slightest restriction. How will this work on any bolt with a recessed hex, like rear mech bolt? And my workshop set of allen keys hasn’t even got a 7, 9 and 9.5mm hex, never ever seen any of them used before! I’ll stick to my tried and tested multitool that is able to access all bolts and provide an adequate level of torque.
    Kickstarter frustrates me, there are so many poorly designed and engineered products on it, that people are trying to bring to market seemingly for the sake of it, because whats the loss if it doesn’t work? Joey public has paid for it!

    Oh and…chain tool?

  9. Is it April 1st already? Crazy! can’t see that being any use at all. tools are to sort, you can’t get into anywhere as its to wide, it would drive me nuts rattling around under my seat causing damage, ?????????????????? can’t imagine trying to get into tighten a suspension pivot, front mech clamp bolt, saddle clamp bolt, gear cable bolt…. blah blah… its a joke honestly. it must be. lol

  10. This is just the best thing to drive you nuts and chip paint off your parts when trying to tighten hard to reach bolts, suppose it would be fun to throw away in frustration

  11. Seriously, this thing leaves a good bit to be desired.
    It is too large to be useful, and looks quite awkward to use in the hand.
    Making it from titanium is a novel idea, but a practical problem. The tools will undoubtably round-off if it is used much.
    The tool size choices are certainly bizarre, as well. And even the extended/update bits appear to be to short.

    Mudrock is correct; the Ringtool seemed a much better solution.

    The under-seat mounting does look pretty well executed, though.

  12. Damn, it seems to me that if you want to make a quick cash grab, the way to do it is put some ill-conceived bike part on Kickstarter. I don’t know what it is, but people seem so eager to throw money at these stupid things. This stupid, useless thing is already raised $18,000. And that’s of a $10,000 goal! Clearly we’re all in the wrong business.

  13. The ignorance behind this tool’s questionable design and selection of tools should be obvious to anyone who watches the video, and sees the handlebar position at 1:25. Tells me everything about what this guy knows about bikes.

    And literally hundreds of suckers have lined up to pay for this vaporware crap when they could just buy a damn Crank Brothers multitool and never think about it again.

  14. @Carl, maybe you haven’t come across them, but Campy C-Record self-extracting crank bolts use a 7mm.

    The tool seems like a nice idea, but in reality I think there are better tools out there. In my experience folding tools have always been better than one-piece multi-tools.

  15. Honestly there is so so much wrong with this design i am literally speechless! I want to contact all the backers and tell them to save their money!

    And that photo adjusting the mountain bike on the trail with a pisspot on in the video is priceless!

  16. Titanium? Really? For tool bits? Material science and durability testing are definitely not part of this dude’s program.

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