Fun accessories make everything better, especially when they’re made with carbon fiber! Besides fixing your frame, Ruckus Composites occasionally makes little things like the CAT (Carbon Access Tool). Video pretty much sums it up, photo below. Oh, and they also have new water bottles…



Ruckus’ water bottles use the Specialized Purist bottles and are $10 each, or 2 for $15, 3 for $20. Order here.


  1. how tight are your pants that a keyfob like that wouldn’t fit into your pocket? the keyblades should flip inside the carbon fob when they’re not in use.

  2. Slightly off topic, but U-lock key handles that aren’t bulky, plastic, and totally stupid would be super rad. That, or some way to get a suite of locks that all use the same key.

  3. My pants are carbon/spectra weave with a proprietary resin. They’re awesome pants, until you scratch them. Then they de-laminate and leave you pantsless.

  4. @Champs – check out ABUS’s U-locks. They’re mechanically sound, use superior materials, and are corrosion resistant. Best of all – their keys have minimal additional bulk compared to your average set of house keys – they’re a lot more convenient than Kryptonite’s keys.

  5. is it high modulus, or super high modulus? can you make one out of Textreme so it sits flatter? is there a maximum key torque load that it can handle?

  6. So… Where does one buy this key fob?
    Forget the haters, I want one and think it’s an awesome way to make a key easier to find in the bottom corner of a jersey pocket… Link to for-sale?

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