Ceepo Viper Disc 1

Are disc brakes the future of tri bikes? We’ve slowly been seeing more and more of them, with the most recent offering this disc brake equipped version of the Ceepo Viper. It looks like the Viper is being updated for 2014 including the addition of disc brake compatibility. Check it out after the break.

UPDATED: more information after the break.


Built with post mount disc tabs and shown with a TRP HYRD disc brake, the Ceepo Viper definitely has disc brake compatibility – for the front. The front will also be able to run standard or dual post aero rim brakes as well, so there is a number of options.


While no angles of the full non drive side are shown, it doesn’t appear to have disc brakes on the rear of the bike. Instead a TRP aero rim brake is at least certainly used on the non disc model, and possibly on the disc brake model as well. There is also a clever CO2 holder mounted to the non drive chainstay.

Ceepo Viper Disc

If the disc version does use a disc brake on the rear, the Profile design Altair would likely be one of the first disc disc wheels on the market. Our money is still on a rim brake rear, but we’ll likely find out at Eurobike. Update: the rear brake is officially a TTV rim brake.

Ceepo Viper non discThe Ceepo Viper will be compatible with full rim brakes as well.

MSRP will run $4,499 for the fuselage which includes the frame, fork, headset, integrated stem, reversible seatpost with Shimano internal Di2 battery holder, and TTV rear brake. Pre Orders are being accepted now, if interested email info@stage-race.com.

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  1. agreed. Although I think the utility of discs on a TT/Tri bike at this point are still very much up for discussion, if you’re gonna put 1 disc on it, go ahead and put 2. The front brake does do the majority of the stopping, but it just seems weird and limiting to release a half n’ half frameset.

  2. And another thing – if you’re going to put a disc caliper on a TT/Tri rig, why in the world would you spec the HYRD? It’s massive. Am I wrong in thinking that a caliper that big might hurt in the wind?

    • Weird as it seems, but a disc brake at front actually reduced the wind pressure around the entire front wheel. Which in fact making the bike more aero dynamic. The other thing they can do is redesign the fork so the front of the fork can create a wind foil and diver the air stream around the brake caliper. As for the disc is is even thinner than a wheel so the wind resistance is not a concern.

  3. For all the haters, disc brakes on road bikes are not for more stopping power.
    Disc brakes provide reliable braking in all weather condition.
    Disc brakes will not heat up the rim and melt carbon resin or cause tire blowouts.
    Disc brakes allow the wheels to be design without the limitations of the brake track, so they can be made lighter and more aerodynamic.
    But who needs brakes, jamming your heel on the rear tire always works.

  4. Guys
    This is not the first TT bike with a disc brake. Back in the 1990’s, Bianchi built a custom TT bike with front & Rear disc brakes. I don’t know if was ridden in competition but there are pictures of it. The discs were small because you don’t need massive discs for TT bike

  5. I must misunderstand the braking needs of a tt bike. I have never heard of a TT bike melting the glue on their sew-ups or rolling the rim in a corner. I have never seen a TT where wet-braking was an issue.

    It is possible that a new rim/tire profile could be made aerodynamic enough to overcome the drag from the caliper and disc hanging out in the wind. Possible, not likely.

    I could be wrong, but this is the LAST place I can see utility for disc brakes. MTB, touring, gravel, fat bikes and tandems first, cross second and road a distant third.

    I could be completely wrong.

  6. ahahahahahahahaha

    all this disc brake future mania is bs. yep BS.

    its nothing but pushing unneeded tech to the customer. nothing more.

    its not the future, its not better, its not fixing a problem.

    it is however, heavier, more costly and a way to force out tech.

    just another way sell more tech, nothing else.

    all you ninnies talking about the future, you idiots.

    i ride in super wet florida. i have found no difference between v and disc in the rain.

    again, tech pushers trying to sell unneeded tech.

  7. This bike would be a good joke on April 1st, only if they can put a disc on the rear disc…
    Nice, a triple-disc TRI bike!

  8. For 2014 Ceepo information please email info@stage-race.com.
    Nice find of these spy shots, Zach, and the full lineup will be announced at Interbike!
    The Viper, pictured, will have an MSRP of $4499 for the fuselage, which weighs in at 1350 grams.
    New integrated front fork can run disc, dual-post, or standard brakes as well!
    As imagined, the rear brake is uses the TRP TTV as the only option.

    Mike Yakubowicz

  9. I see two solutions from this bike: Bike mechanics and shops will have plenty of labor tickets once triathletes get disc brakes. Secondly, I am all for any thing that helps triathletes stop more effectively (if we could put some additional levers on aerobars that would be good too).

What do you think?