Joe Breeze planning Breezer Repack enduro mountain bike for 2014

Hmmm…a modern full suspension bike from Breezer? Or could Joe be planning a hardtail enduro racer? Dang, the anticipation is killing us! Stay tuned, we’ll be at Eurobike’s demo day for on the spot coverage!


  1. The Gary Fisher version of Trek’s Diesel downhill bike from the early 2000’s was called “Repack.” Assuming they still own the trademark; I’d expect a name change soon.

  2. Jim- It isn’t that, unfortunately… We have the 90s Fisher Clunker at my shop. It was a grocery getter. It’s been replaced with a Breezer Beltway Infinity

  3. @Duder – a quick trademark search shows that ASI (Breezer’s parent company) owns the rights. Fisher must not have trademarked the name because the only other prior owner is Specialized and that was back in ’87.

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