Photo submitted by Jayson Clarke, “On my favourite Robinson Pro XL at Goulburn BMX Track circa 1987. One of my two favourite race bikes(the other being a Diamond Back Harry Leary Turbo.)”

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  1. Check out those Vans !! I would have sold a kidney to have a pair like those back then. Here in Italy they were outrageously expensive,the equivalent of today’s 70 Euro.

  2. Sick shot. I would love to see pics of my home track. It was right behind the coleseum where all the metal bands played like Ozzy, Crue, Van Halen. Insane hesh vibes chilling at the camper before the races. I may be able to dig up some pics.

    We used to get these mail order sheets from Vans where you could pick a different pattern for like each panel on the shoe, even the rubber. We all used to get them done. I raced through 11x then quit do to skateboarding. Nothing can teach you how to fish your way through a pack going balls out like bmx.

  3. Thanks for the love from you all!
    Yeah, the high ‘post thing was ‘in’ back then. I was quickly onto dropping it way down once the tracks started to get more technical, though!
    By the way, those were my first ever pair of Vans; black with turquoise skulls and crossbones. They started a love affair that lasts until this day!

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