Mick Hannah was on fire at the Crankworx Air DH race. His ridiculous run, video above, put him in the hot seat for a few tense runs until Captain Canada dropped in. Steve Smith (and his moustache), fresh of a win at the MSA World Cup race, defended his A-Line crown by a full 1.77 seconds on the brand new, enduro oriented, Devinci Troy.

While Steve is the man of the hour, Sick Mick is looking quick, and we fully expect to see him set a blistering pace at the Canadian Open DH Race on Sunday. Drop past the break to check out his race steed. It’s something all new and dripping with goodies.

Mick Hannah Prototype Polygon Colossus Spank Handlebar

Starting from the front, Mick keeps it moto with the half waffle ODI Ruffian MX grip.

Mick Hannah Prototype Polygon Colossus Spank Handlebar Cockpit

These prototype Spank handlebars have something special shaping lurking within. Our Spank rep wouldn’t say anything more. We’re assuming that means stronger, lighter, and stiffer, but we’ll know for sure when we stop by at Eurobike.

MIck Hannah Prototype Shimano Carbon Saint Clamp With some subtle CSI type zooming, we spotted a carbon shifter clamp mated to a Saint lever.

Mick Hannah Polygon Collosus Prototype DH BikePardon the non-driveside photography, but when you see it….

Mick Hannah Proto Polygon Collosus Linkage ComparisonYup, it appears that the entire suspension has been redesigned. The shock position is more vertical and the linkage has also been modified.

The frame is now sporting either a PF or BB30 shell, while the current Colossus has a threaded BB.

Mick Hannah Prototype Polygon Collosus DH XTR DrivetrainInstead of running the downhill oriented Saint derailleur, Mick was running a much lighter XTR short cage on A-Line, a “smooth” jump trail.
Mick Hannah Polgyon Collosus Prototype


  1. was it just my computer, or was that video EXTREMELY choppy. It almost looked like I was watching stop animantion. Not a good promo for sony pov

  2. Great looking bike other than the fact that link looks like it came right off a Diamondback (knucklebox). Oh well, if it works, go with it. Let the lawyers short out the sticky stuff.

  3. Obviously it is just my opinion, but the music does seem awfully out of place. And yeah, with that video quality it surprises me that Sony would be their name on it.

  4. That music choice is conspicuously horrible. Not the genre, the lyrics. I can’t imagine why a bike company would want to be associated with that brand of crass. Serious lack of judgement, IMO.

  5. FYI that XTR derailleur is not a stock thing. It is a Saint 9-speed cage on an XTR Shadow+ body. Anyone can do it but Shimano doesn’t sell it as a complete unit, and they will likely deny that such a union is possible.

  6. That was sweet. That trail looks so fun and flowy. Look at around 2:15 there is a rock drop and how fast his speed picks up. And if you don’t like the music it is because you are too old and it was not targeted towards you. Ha.

  7. Call me an old man (I’m 31) but I can’t understand choosing a song that advocates violence against the police, cocaine use, and the exploitation of “dirty little sluts” along with driving while intoxicated.

    The style of music was great, but the lyrics. Poor choice. The fact that as Matt said it is targeted to younger people is especially bad.

  8. @ FastWayne
    It has sony in the beginning…
    Just a hunch, but Im guessing this wasn’t a gopro

    Carbon shifter mount??? .000001 grams savings! killing it

  9. silly kids… just watch the video…if you don’t like the music, turn your speakers off and enjoy some DH Riding!

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