With so many distinct crowd funded projects out there these days, some slip past us. This documentary funding campaign was launched about 5 days ago now, and has been gaining traction since. Here’s a little background on Nelson Vails from the campaign page:

Nelson Vails’ story is a triumph over almost insurmountable odds. Nelson was the youngest of 10 children growing up in the Harlem projects and worked as a New York City bicycle messenger to support his family. Nicknamed “The Cheetah” because he was the fastest cat in the jungle, Nelson rode furiously while working, trained in Central Park after work and raced locally on weekends. He was thrust on to the world stage, represented the USA at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, where he won the silver medal in the individual 1000-meter Match Sprints, behind countryman Mark Gorski. Becoming a pioneer for the African-American cycling community, this documentary explores the beginnings of his life in Harlem and his impact on the future generation of cyclists worldwide.

Continue reading about Nelson Vails and find out more about the campaign at their Indiegogo page.



  1. Grabbed a ride back from DIA once with him after getting back late from Taiwan. Really good guy and didn’t seem to dwell on what he had (and lost) through the years. He told me some riveting stories about the kerin racing in Japan and how he was even more legendary in the late 80’s over there. I hope he’s doing well and will always cherish that hour with him.

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