First spotted at Interbike last year, Kuat’s entry into the roof rack market is now available. Called the Rüfee, the lockable roof rack works with 9, 15, and 20mm fork dropouts for total compatibility right out of the box without the need of additional adapters. The Rüfee retails for $209 and is shipping now.


  1. Uhm…..Kuat….uh…. You might want to rethink the name on this. Unless you want your product to be confused with a date rape drug.

  2. yeah, stricktly from an “I gtta sell this to anyone and everyone” standpoint, the name is a bit…unfortunate…

    ….still lovin my NV!!

  3. Product good. Name bad.

    I like the convenience that you have ability to use any wheel, thru-axle or not, without the need for an adaptor. So, good going Kuat. However, you guys need to listen to others. The name of this rack is a really poor choice. I would consider getting another rack of equal value and price if it came down to it because that name is so bad.

  4. So…you can laugh with your bros in the car that your bike rack is called a “Rufee?” Seriously? Not-so-subtle shot of the dude in the video opening a beer in the last frame? I must be not getting something…oh yeah, this rack.

  5. some nicknames must only have been chosen and repeated because they sound so stupid. “roofies” is a nickname for rohypnol. believe it or not, people take rohypnol willingly and with full fore knowledge of what it is, and don’t end up getting raped.
    I hope that Kuat invents a version of this rack designed to be installed on a hatchback, and that they name it the “Donkey Punch”.

  6. serious fail on the name. I don’t care if the rack poops golden eggs i’m not putting anything named after a date rape drug on my car. That’d be about as classy as the d* bags who put “the shocker” sticker on their car.

  7. Oh. Come. On. Really? People are actually wasting brain cells associating the two? Honestly, comment sections should be banned, if only to save the rest of us from becoming stupider after having read them. Two on order – awesome international shipping rates, btw.

  8. My first thought on reading the headline was: Really? did they somehow miss the unfortunate association on the name? if so, then that is one seriously stupid blunder. But, even worse, if the name association was intentional then… [deleted] that’s awful.. in any case that’s unacceptable.

  9. Robbo – thank you

    The Guy – Thule has been building rook racks for , what, 20 years. If they don’t already have one that “works”, why would you keep waiting?

    RE: the name – if it is anything like my NV (the most awesome rack I have ever owned), the name won’t appear anywhere on it.

    Jimbrowski – couldn’t agree more

  10. doesn’t matter what they call it because their products aren’t made so well in the first place. Their approach is like this: if they were tasked with reinventing the wheel, they’d make it octagonal with lots of little unnecessary parts just to be different. Never mind that a single strip of wood already did the job better. They’d paint some of the parts a fun color to distract you though and name it something silly.


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