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Using your iPhone 5 as a cycling computer? GPS? If you’re taking it with you, you might as well protect it – with something like Wahoo Fitness’ new PROTKT iPhone 5 bike mount and case. With the success of their iPhone 4/4s mount, Wahoo built on that to offer an even better case and mount system for the iPhone 5 that is water proof, shockproof, mounts quickly, and includes the Wahoo Fitness cycling app.

Want a case that feels like the actual touch screen of your phone? Find out why the PROTKT may be the answer, next.

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While most phone cases use a lexan or polymer screen cover, the PROTKT actually features a glass screen. That means that tapping on the phone while in the case should feel just like the case wasn’t there meaning you’re more likely to keep the phone in the case, and protected. While in the case you are still able to hear the phone and make calls. Of course, pairing your iPhone with Wahoo’s Blue HR and Blue SC sensors will allow for real-time heart rate, speed and cadence recording that turns the phone into a fully featured cycling computer with Wahoo’s fitness app.

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The PROTKT retains functionality of the camera on the back of the phone, while the 1/4 turn mount allows you to unlock the phone to take a quick picture. The mount also allows for easy positioning on both stems and handlebars depending on your preference.

PROTKT_side_view_hires wahoo fitness PROTKT_bag_o_mounts_hires wahoo fitness

The actual mount to the bike is isolated from vibrations with a rubber base, and is compatible with Wahoo’s Bag-O-Mounts, which is sold separately. The Bag-O-Mounts includes an additional stem or bar mount, a GoPro mount, and a neoprene wrist strap if you want to run with your phone for $14.99.

The PROTKT weighs in at 125g and offers a plugged headphone port for retaining the waterproofing. The iPhone 5 PROTKT retails for $69.99.



  1. nope.

    Nsa leaked documents say i phone is now a gvernment phone. they can shut down video at any event.

    i refuse to role with a government tool phone.

  2. my problem with phones on the bike. I always carry my phone for emergency purposes only. most of the time, location depending, the battery life becomes less and less. if you are using your phone/app for a cycling adventure…your battery will dwindle quickly before your very eyes b/c of the app running..am I correct?
    not sure that I want my phone front and center and in the event of a crash, the risk of damage etc…even with a protective case..i understands lots of apps are free, but its at the expense of the sucky battery life that these smartphones have….
    I agree with getting an edge 500 or even a 200 for the data numbers and leaving your phone to call for help as needed……

    I’m just not sold at all on having my phone being my cycling computer and phone at once……lets hear what the rest of you have to say….

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