2014 Maxxis Ardent and DTH skinwall bicycle tires

Maxxis is showing a little color with the skinwall Ardent and DTH tire options. Sure, it’s a pale color, and it’s only a cosmetic thing, but choices are nice. They’ll carry the same retail as the standard black wall models. Ardent gets it in 29×2.4 and 29×2.25, and the DTH in 26×2.15.

Drop in for the new Shorty DH tire…

2014 Maxxis Shorty mid spike downhill mountain bike tire

The Maxxis Shorty is a new mid-spike DH knobby with their 2-ply casing and butyl inserts in the sidewall for extra protection. Those are standard features in their downhill casings, as we’ll as it’s 3C rubber compound.

It’s designed for mud and dry, blown out trails. It’ll come in 26×2.4 for starters with weights comparable to their other DH tires (~1,100 grams). Should be available by end of year. Pricing TBD.

2014 Maxxis Shorty mid spike downhill mountain bike tire


  1. I’ve been running prototype Shortys at Whistler and they make a great tire for early season riding when the upper trails are muddy due to snow melt and the lower trails are dry. The short knobs dig into the mud well, clear mud well and are still short and blocky enough to get excellent traction in the dry without squirming like other spike tires.

    I still like the DHR2/DHF combo for fully dry days but the Shorty is a really nice addition to the lineup.

  2. Still no sign of a 29er Beaver with an exo sidewall? such and awesome let down by being so fragile if ran tubeless, not designed for I know but who runs tubes these days!?

  3. I hope they make the available in 27.5” on the Ardent and Crossmark! Would look great on my old school looking Kona Explosif 650b.

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