New Kinetic TrainerCome Eurobike, the famous green machines are getting a face lift. Marking the first revamping of their trainer line since 2007, Kinetic will be revealing a host of improvements to trainers like the new Rock and Roll above. Design changes will focus on better compatibility for 29ers, improved ergonomics, and to make the trainers lighter weight. Additionally, the trainers will be shipped fully assembled, so all you need to do will be to remove them from the box.

Until Eurobike, check out the press release after the break for more info.

From Kinetic:

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. – Aug. 15, 2013 – Kinetic Trainers today announced details of its re-designed 2014 trainer line, its first revamp of the line since 2007. Overall changes focus on improved 29er compatibility, enhanced ergonomics and lighter weight. Trainers also now come fully assembled, so they are ready to use right out of the box.

Kinetic replaced the cantilever design of its flagship model, the Rock and Roll, with a design that centers the pivot point and rider weight over the elastomer stack, reducing rider-induced bounce and sag and allowing lower bolt tension to give a more active side-to-side motion. The new centered design also allows for the use of forward-facing support arms, instead of the previous curved arms, which results in a smaller overall footprint. The axle support mechanism now uses rubber-over-plastic knobs for improved ergonomics, and a refined upper frame to fit up to 29 x 2.4″ tire sizes. Overall, the Rock and Roll went on a diet and lost two pounds. MSRP is $579.

Changes to the Road Machine, Magnetic and Cyclone models include weight reductions of one pound, rubber-over-plastic molding on all knobs and feet, and a refined frame design so all Kinetic trainers fit up to 29 x 2.4″ tires sizes. MSRP is $379, $299 and $269 respectively.

No changes were made to the company’s patented sealed fluid chamber with magnetically coupled driveshaft. Kinetic’s proven design provides leak-proof performance and measurable and repeatable workloads with resistance from 5 to 3000+ watts.

The line also includes the company’s power training tool, Kinetic inRide, which was introduced last year. The Kinetic InRide watt meter system uses Bluetooth Smart™ communication protocol — found in the Apple iPhone 5 and 4s, iPad3 and iPod Touch 5 — to pair a heart rate monitor and a power sensor pod with the new Kinetic inRide iPhone App to measure wattage with any Kinetic fluid stationary trainer. MSRP is $229.

“We’ve made some great changes to the line to help cyclists to stay motivated and train smarter with measurable results in the offseason, and use our trainers for pre-race warm-ups during the season,” said Paul Carlsen, Kinetic’s division manager.

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  1. Would be nice to find a trainer that was designed to work with a DH bike too. Pretty sure that most bicyclists wouldn’t mind being able to stay in bike shape all year, not just people who can afford to buy a second bike just for training/warm ups.

  2. Talmage, what compatibility issue are you having with your DH bike? Our trainers will accommodate most bikes with 150mm rear spacing, (some others don’t) and we developed the Traxle replacement axles for thru-axle bikes that don’t have anything for the trainer to hold on to. If there is anything we are missing we will start working on it.

  3. Mr. Kinetic, it will be nice to make the InRide with Android. Android is more present on the market than Apple… just saying. Thanks 😉

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