2014 e-Thirteen DWT spiderless single chainring

e*thirteen has expanded their line of top level drivetrain bits and pedals, and updated their hubs.

The new DWT single chainring is a direct mount piece that uses their lock ring mounting system. They’re calling it a guide ring, and it’ll come in 28-38 tooth counts, even counts only. Look for OEM placement on Ibis bikes. They’ll also offer them with 104bcd mounts in 32 through 38 tooth counts. They say it’ll work with 10-speed chains, too, but chain retention isn’t as solid so they recommend running their XCX chainguide.

Not ready for a single ring? They’re also offering a one piece, spiderless double ring in 34/20, 36/22 and 38/24 combos…

2014 e-Thirteen DWT spiderless single chainring

The dual chainring is a one-piece design and was shown at Eurobike last year as a prototype. Saris saw these in July, but they’ve given us a bit more detail about the chainrings.

2014 e-Thirteen DWT spiderless single chainring

The DWT “guide ring” isn’t the first time they’ve done a direct mount, spiderless chainring…it’s just the first time it’s been made with wide/narrow tooth profiles specifically for trail riding without a chainguide. Another somewhat unique feature of their cranks is the way the spider or chainrings are attached. Slide them on and a lock ring tightens them to the crank arm from the inside.

2014 e-Thirteen TRSr carbon fiber dual ring chain guide

The new TRSr Dual Ring chainguide gets a carbon backplate with adjustable pulley cage. We caught this in July, too, but didn’t mention how it saves weight from its predecessor. The outgoing model used a two-piece backplate design with an additional, bolt-on fin on the top, but this one’s integrated and part of the compression molded carbon unit.

2014 e-Thirteen TRSr polycarbonate and titanium flat pedal

LG1r pedal upgrades to a titanium spindle and lighter alloy pins. It jumps from the $130 LG1+ to $330, but weight drops from 468g per pair to 385g. Both use the same polycarbonate platform with Exalite+ alloy base, letting you change out the platform as it gets chewed up rather than replace the whole pedal.

2014 e-Thirteen rear hubs with XX1 XD driver body option

Their rear hubs get a new axle system that uses a simple pinch bolt design on the non-drive side (similar to Chris King hubs) that is easier to thread on and off for simpler axle swaps and preload adjustments. The XD driver body option for SRAM’s 11 speed hubs was announced in July, too.

BTW, if you’re wondering, TRS = TRail Security and indicates their “trail riding” group. Thankfully, they’re moving away from branding things with “ByTheHive” and “Chub” hubs and sticking with e*thirteen for better brand clarity. Look for more new stuff from them at Eurobike.


  1. Love the look of the hub for sure. Rode some E13 wheels on the new GT bikes. They seem solid. Good stuff here. run a 28 or 30 w/ a 11/36 10speed and you have a pretty solid setup without going to 11.

    Single ring drivetrains are the future. F Ders are old school.

  2. I really like e*thirteen stuff. I run their cranks on both my SS and fat bike (set up as a single ring up front), and they are damn nice!

    I would love to see them put out a fat bike rim some day!

  3. @mzungu54 Yes, if you read the article at all you’d know that the chain ring is removable, as with 99% of the spiderless chain rings setups.

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