Photo submitted by Derek, “Hello, this is Gretzky. He is our five month old Vizsla and this was taken right before we started his very first run alongside the bike.”

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  1. I’d wait at least until he’s 18 months old before taking him on serious singletrack sessions. I took my first vizsla, Sydney, on her first ride when she was 11 months old and she got shin splints. My vet scolded me for not waiting until she was at least 18 months old. Just sayin’…

    Why are his eyes so light? Might want to check his papers. The first sign of puppy mill or non-thoroughbred vizslas are eyes that don’t match their coat color.

  2. Gotta second Patriks comment- you absolutely don’t want to run a dog until their growth plates are fully formed, you could do serious, lifetime damage to them. That said, a short fatbike-paced ride with them trotting along on soft stuff can’t do much. Have fun with that little weasel!

  3. He is adorable! As others mentioned, you really need to wait until he’s 15-18m and fully grown to begin any type of forced exercise with him-that includes biking and jogging. Start now teaching him heel and getting him used to walking along side the bike with you (walking as well).

  4. No worries, it was not an intense first run. Mainly a walking pace ride for the purpose of early exposure to the rolling bike wheel. He won’t hit the trails or run in the street for another year or so. That would be a little too much to write for the caption…

    Patrik, eyes are darkened up and he is full AKC registered from a championship line. Great little guy and will be a great runner someday.

  5. Very cute shot. We also have a Vizsla who is now 15 months. I took him riding slower technical stuff when he was about 12 months, which I was told is about the right age for light activity. If you do ride with him before then, keep it very short and don’t run him too hard. Waiting paid dividends for me. Rossi is a great riding dog, and I’ve had 4 other riding dogs before him and he is arguably the best.

    As a note, I have seen photos of other Vizsla puppies with those greenish blue eyes. Rossi was also like this and his eyes changed to the standard cinnamon colour as he got older.

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