Capture Camera Clip V2 GoProFor those cyclists who are as passionate about their photography as they are about the ride, the Capture Camera Clip is a great little accessory. The clip, which has exceeded it’s $100,000 goal by 6 fold on Kickstarter, is a nifty accessory for anyone.

Whether you’re rocking a POV camera or a full fledge DSLR, the mount has plenty of features for making sure you never miss the shot.

The clip is available in two different trim levels – hobby ($50) and pro ($65). The pro version, which is constructed out of aluminum instead of tough nylon, adds a feature for a tripod quick mount and works with sling straps.

This new design offers several advantages over the original Capture Camera Clip released by Peter Dering on Kickstarter a few years ago. Like all things new, it’s lighter and sleeker, but it’s also easier to operate, and has a revised clamping and locking system to prevent any slip ups.

There are 10 days left to order. Nudge Nudge Sweety.


  1. I’m confused by your statements:

    “…the Capture Camera Clip is a great little accessory.”, and

    “… is a nifty accessory for anyone.”.

    Do you have any hands-on experience with this product?

  2. Guys i am a “$185 or more” backer, they delivered only leash and cuff with naked edition of camera clip, now they are saying they have delivered everything, please be wary of these guys, they are yet to deliver Propad and Gopro mount, i lost trust in these guys, please be aware of this bad business practice, you cannot trust these guys anymore

  3. Ramesh. Please read our communications regarding your shipment. We have been true to everything we have ever mentioned. Happy to chat with you about it. Please respond to the email that I personally sent to you, and I will set you straight. If, in the meantime, you care to review the communications which we’ve diligently and transparently set forth through the duration of the campaign, you may find the answer to your questions. I think this would be more productive than slandering the company that my colleagues and I work every day to make better and provide our customers with service.

    Peter Dering
    Founder, Peak Design

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