Tern S18 Folding Bike

Cycling has a million different niches and folding bikes are one of the most practical. They’re the perfect bike for city dwellers with limited space and horrendous public transportation.

For those in the market, Terns new Eclipse S18 will open up the city streets like never before with a slew of crafty (patent pending) innovations.Tern Eclipse Folding Bike Integrated Vale 2 Stem Light
The Tern features a 150 lumen front light integrated into the stem as a theft deterrent and for optimal visibility. Expect to see this feature pop on other bikes in their line up soon.

The light system is powered by a BioLogic Joule 3 dynamo hub, which Tern claims is amongst the lightest and most efficient on the market, with a 70+% efficiency rating.

Tern Eclipse Folding Bike Integrated BioLogic SeatPost Bike PumpThe bike also has a high capacity floor pump integrated into the seat post. The saddle is used as a handle and the bottom extends out to function as a footstand.Tern Eclipse Folding Bike

The other goodies like a full mechanical disc brakes, large Shwalbe Big Apple tires, fenders, and a rack ensure this pocket sized bike will get you through anything from traffic to the next zombie apocalypse. It ships later this year for MSRP $2,100 USD.


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