Cycling WMD Reefer Bike Prack ProtoNothing says 4.20 like a trip to the corner store with this grocery getter. This prototype reefer rack by  Alan Sikirić of Cycling WMD, encourages you to hang loose and take the road less traveled by.

The retail version will have a few slight modifications to increase overall road worthiness. Not your cup of tea? Then the Hail Satan Rack is gauranteed to scare your parents.

Via Cycling WMD


  1. Whenever I see things like this, I think that the cops are selling them to get everyone who’s into the green to basically identify themselves. In my town, you would get a lot of grief from the police for sporting one of these.

  2. Sheesh I think the sharp and pointy nature of those would make me way too paranoid to ride near anyone with either of those racks…you could slice someone open if you grazed them with the point of the leaf or star. Wicked buzzkill.

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