Become Mr. Fix It with the BioLogic FixKit MultiTool

BioLogic FixKit Bike MultiTool


Sometimes accidents happen and it pays to be prepared. Whether you’re out on your own or stopping to help a stranger, the BioLogic Fixit Mulitool has everything you need to get back on the road.

Like a bad infomercial, this little tool is loaded with features. Three different spoke tools, allens ranging in size from 2-8mm, and 6,8,& 10mm crescent wrenches…but wait wait! There’s more. Including a 15 mm pedal wrench, screwdriver bits, tire lever, chain tool, and most importantly – a bottle opener.

Each of the wrenches lock into the tool frame, so the user can hold the body for 14mm of leverage. Not enough? The neoprene bag doubles as a sleeve to protect your hand when fighting a particularly nasty nut.

Interested? This little guy packs a serious punch while weighing only 158 grams (5.6 oz). Retail with be $35 USD when they hit shelves later this year.



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10 thoughts on “Become Mr. Fix It with the BioLogic FixKit MultiTool

  1. Yesterday, after I finished my MTB run, I noticed my saddle bag had become unzipped at some point. Then I let out some naughty words as I looked inside my now completely empty bag. I need new tools now…and a new bag that has a failsafe.

  2. I guess you mean 14cm? And why oh why does everyone insist on wasting tool space with bottle openers!!! Use That space for a more valuable tool. I don’t think I have ever opened a beer bottle out on the trail, and i only used the drop out bottle opener on my Snata Cruz once when I first got it!
    In that area put a splined mipple wrench or something else

  3. “6,8,& 10mm crescent wrenches”
    Try “hex”, not crescent (aka, adjustable wrench via worm gear)
    They are very different.

    Otherwise, a very decent looking tool for a fair price.
    Beats all the lame multi-tools on KickStarter by a landslide.

  4. @Segg. The bolt and pin for the chain tool is steel. I’ve used this tool a few times and it is pretty well done. The 8m is not going to get a ton of torque on crank bolts but should be enough to get you home.

  5. @Chader: Although the wrenches are for hexagonal nuts (& bolts), they’re not “hex” wrenches since they’re not closed hexagons, but rather appropriately, albeit generically named “open-end” wrenches.

  6. nice review ….. they are available since quite some time now, and all my customers love theirs, some have bought a second one, which speaks volumes. However your 35 dlr is unfortunately not quite right. They go for 40 dlr instead.
    Best Thor

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