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Sometimes you just need more space. Whether you are in need of more real estate on your bars for mounting accessories, or you’re wanting the pro mount position for a device that isn’t already offered, the Bar Fly Universal has you covered. Similar to the Bar Fly 2.0 in concept, the Bar Fly Universal mounts to your bars and puts a mount for most items out in front of your stem.

If you get creative, you can mount more than one device to the Universal – check it out, next.

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Depending on your light and computer selection, the Bar Fly Universal is wide enough that you can mount the computer above and the light below. This does more than just free up space, as the light is lower and closer to the front wheel for improved visibility at night.


In order to support the weight of additional accessories, the Universal is built with an oversized 12mm clamp and I-beam construction so everything stays in place. The mount itself is 50mm wide, and includes zip tie Quick Slots for increased mounting security.

universal cateye

Really, anything that has a round mount can be attached to the Universal – iPhones, computers, GPS, GoPros, lights, etc. The Universal Bar Fly is carbon bar friendly and $19.95.


If you’re going to use the mount just for a Cateye computer though, you would be better off going with the Bar Fly for Cateye that is shipping now. Like the rest of the Bar Flies, the Cateye model fits 31.8mm handlebars, is made in the US, and runs $19.95 with their Buy One You’re Done warranty.

The Barfly for Cateye is compatible with these computers:

  • CC-GL50 “Stealth 50”
  • CC-GL10 “Stealth 10”
  • CC-PD100 “Fit”
  • CC-MC200W “Micro Wireless”
  • CC-VT220W “Urban Wireless
  • CC-RD300W “Strada Wireless”
  • CC-RD310W “Strada Slim”
  • CC-RD400DW “Strada Double Wireless”
  • CC-RD410DW “Strada Digital Wireless”
  • CC-RD420DW “Strada Digital Wireless”
  • CC-RD430DW “Strada Digital Wireless”
  • CC-COM10W “Commuter”


The last bit of news from Bar Fly is the introduction of a “Strava Orange” Bar Fly for Garmin. The mount is the same as the Bar Fly 2.0, but – it’s orange! Available only through Strava, the mount runs $25.


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