Versatile Velocity 11-speed disc brake hub for road cyclocross and mountain bikes

Velocity USA is throwing out some interesting products lately. First, it was the fairly wide Dually 29+ rim. Now, it’s an 11-speed hub that can work equally well on a road, cyclocross or mountain bike. Not only does it come ready for 135mm QR and 12×142 thru axle setups, you’ll have the option of 11-speed freehub bodies for Campagnolo, Shimano/SRAM or XX1. It’ll ship with one set up of your choice, other options will be available aftermarket and are easy to swap.

The official product name is simply Lightweight Disc Hub. At just 265g, that fits. It’ll be spec’d on all of their 2014 Comp and Pro cyclocross and mountain wheelsets, all of which are built in house. It uses an oversized alloy axle and is rated for “all mountain” use on the dirt.

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  • 265g weight
  • SRAM, Shimano and Campagnolo 11-speed ready
  • 135mm quick-release or 142x12mm thru-axle options
  • 6-bolt ISO disc compatible
  • high-quality double-sealed Japanese sealed cartridge bearings
  • 6 pawl engagement


  1. Not quite Aaron – as I understand, Stans hubs locate the pawls on the freehub body like conventional hubs, whereas in the above photo the Velocity hub is reversed.

    These appear more similar to the new Reynolds MTB hubs, which locate the 6 pawls inside the hub shell, and the engagement teeth on the cassette body. Supposedly provides more support to the pawls and springs, and means they can fit in more of them.

    Presumably they’re made by the same manufacturer, so I’d expect a few other brands to adopt the new layout.

    Otherwise, the Velocity hub looks sound and the modular design is welcome. I imagine they’ll likely be excellent value if their other products are anything to go by.

  2. Not really a big deal from a consumer standpoint, is it? Who is going to be switching from Campag 142 mm to XX1 135 mm? I’m sure it makes things easier for Velocity though.

  3. I like it for the fact that I can put in on my gravel road bike, and then when thru axle takes over, and it will take over, I can change out some bits and have a thru axle wheelset.

  4. @Ham-planet – You could potentially use a wheelset on your disc road bike with Shimano 11-speed during the summer, or your gravel bike with Campy, or your MTB with XX1. Maybe not all in the same day, though I guess you could. I’m thinking it’d be more handy season-to-season.

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