Scott Addict SL 1

After the video teaser roll out, it looks like the first 2014 Scott Addict SLs are slowly making their way into the wild. Photos of this 54cm SL were sent over by zerodori, and highlight an impressive looking rig that is back with a standard seatpost and an anorexic frameset weight at under 1kg for the frame and fork.

Scott Addict SL 2

Like a lot of super light bikes, the paint is minimal to keep the weight down. Simple outlined graphics must suffice.

Scott Addict SL 6

All of the cabling on the SL is internal.

Scott Addict SL 3

Equipped with Syncros RL 1.0 carbon clinchers, the wheels have a claimed weight right around 1300g.

Scott Addict SL 4

They also use what appears to be a Syncros version of a DT Swiss RWS skewer. There is a standard nut on the opposite side that it threads into.

For a ton of additional pictures, be sure to check out zerodori’s blog! (translated version here).


  1. Ah ! The ubiquitous Scott that looks exactly like a Canyon SLX CF,weights like one,comes specced like one but costs like a Scott !

  2. So, people think that since a Canyon and a Scott look similar, they must either be the same bike or have been designed by Giant. Hmmmm. Yeah, the world must be that simple.

    Very sharp looking bike.

  3. When a major company releases a new awesome but pricey frame = “meh just another carbon frame made in the east, its over priced and crap”

    When a small brand releases a new awesome budget friendly frame = “meh just another carbon frame made in the east rebranded by Hong-Fu whatever”

    you just can’t win with the internet troll logic.

  4. To Misterha’s point, I have to ask, what carbon frames do people of the highest distinguishing taste consider to be creditable, quality, and not over priced? Is there one? Or are we all just upset that we don’t get out bikes for free and insecure in knowing someone out their is faster no matter their frame. #ProEnvy

  5. Surprize!!! A carbon bike with red hi-lights!! We really thought that through didn’t we. In the end most new bikes are VERY similar in terms of performance and reliability …. what is wrong with making stuff look interesting?? Will 150g of paint be that bad?? UCI rules slow change and manufacturers are competing all the time and won’t risk individuality at certain price points so let us not pretend anything new is happening here. A bike built by a low paid person in China is not too different from one built by a very badly paid European …. for all of them they are just trying to do what the boss wants. And THEN we whinge…

  6. For the price of this bike which is around the $12,000.00 I would rather buy a TIME. A bike that is hand made in France not in Asia. With Corima wheels that are hand made in France, not in Asia and Campy EPS Record which comes out to a little less than $12,000.00. And has the best ride of any bike on the planet. Oh, and I did.

  7. I’ve ridden Time bikes and I do like them, but definitely not the best ride one the planet. The are several bikes that I have had the opportunity to own that way outclass the Time including the cannonade EVO, specialized SL4 S works and even an older C50.

  8. @hello?
    stop being so american and take a look at your geography/history book if you happen to have one : Canyon is a german brand,Germany has nothing to do with vampires,that would be Transilvanya.

  9. Jack: amazing things happen when you plop down five figures on the counter of your LBS. They might even help you get a nice 150g paint job for that 950g frame+fork.

  10. @Dave and your TIME. It was made in Tunisia not France, your Corima hubs and spokes are from the East and most, if not all, of your Campy was made in Romania. Have a great ride.

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