Lynskey Drifter

Viewed as the end times by some, and the coming of age of a genre by others, it seems everyone is introducing a fatbike these days. Not wanting to be left out, Lynskey is getting in on the action with a titanium fatbike of their own, originally called the Drifter.  Unfortunately, the name Drifter is already taken which means Lynskey is open to suggestions. There have already been a number of great ideas posted on their Facebook wall, but they’ll have to act quick since the new bike will be ready to ship this week.

Check out the little details of the big bike, next.

Lynskey Drifter Frame

Offered as a complete or frameset, Lynksey’s fatbike is made from 3Al-2.5V Oversize titanium with a 170mm symmetric rear end, and 100mm bottom threaded bracket. Framesets will run $2,195 while the Shimano XT/Raceface build shown above will retail for $4,342 for a limited time, then bump up to $5,099.

dsc_0511_revised dsc_0510_revised

The bike formerly known as the Drifter will be equipped with slider dropouts for geared or singlespeed use, and a 44mm headtube for straight or tapered forks. The frame is built with full rack eyelets to carry any load, and has cable guides for full housing. Tire clearance is a claimed 4″ in the rear, and 4.7″ for the included Surly Moonlander fork.

Lynskey Drifter Frame geo

The fatbike will be offered in 5 sizes from 15 to 21″ frames. The small and extra small appear to have the same seat tube length, but offer differences in wheelbase, standover, top tube and head tube length to make the difference.

Lynskey Drifter Spec

Spec for the complete build shown above.


  1. Lynskey Ti-Minator

    “I won’t be back!” …Because I will be riding all d*mn day!

    Arnold probably won’t like that name, so how about:

    Lynskey Ti-Noceros
    Lynskey Wampus or Wampus Cat

  2. Lynskey Ti-Minator

    “I’ll not be back!”….Because I will be riding my d*mn bike all day!

    Arnold may not like that name, so how about:

    Lynskey Ti-Noceros
    Lynskey Wampus or Lynskey Wampus Cat

  3. Pretty bike, too bad they used those horrible sliders that they always use instead of swingers or some other method for us singlespeeders.

    My name choice… “Same, same but different”.

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