Cogburn bike
Photo from Cogburn Facebook, at Game Fair.

Perhaps Defiant Bicycle’s gun rack equipped Big Easy was a sign of things to come. Cogburn is a new company that is focusing on the hunting, fishing, and foraging crowd with what appears to be a specially equipped fatbike. Judging by the fact that Cogburn’s address on Facebook is the same as QBP’s, we’re assuming that this is a new company within the QBP family similar to something like 45NRTH, hoping to expand the realm of bicycles to a new crowd of people.

The company is set to launch September 2013, likely with the bike and accessories shown above. Until then, check out the teaser after the break.

Check out Cogburn Outdoors this coming September for more.



  1. Definitely looks like a QBP product. Appears to be the original Mukluk frame, Enabler fork, Wanderlust rack, etc. etc. Nothing wrong with that. As someone who does a little hunting and foraging, and lot of fishing, I can see a small segment of folks who would be into it. On the other hand, I don’t really see the need for a dedicated camo fat bike. Sure, it’ll get you into some cool spots quicker than walking, and quieter than an ATV, but I don’t see how this has any advantage over a regular fatbike. I mean, it IS a regular fatbike, just camo and with a special rack. Seems odd to dedicate a whole new brand to it. But hey, maybe we’ll be seeing QBP product at Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops before we know it.
    Besides the bow mount, I didn’t see anything that makes this a fishing or foraging rig. What else is going on here?
    I expect they’ll try to get this down into a lower than regular fatbike pricepoint to appeal to curious hunters.
    Either way, curious to see what else they come up with…

  2. They are going to need to develop a trailer that can haul a 200 pound buck our of the woods before this is going to go anywhere.

  3. If they carry this thing at cabela’s it’s going to cost as much as a stumpjumper, but be spec’d like the walmart fatbike, just in copyrighted mossy oak colors.
    Hunting is a waiting game in most areas, so a frame (or trailer) with couplers and adapter brackets that could be reassembled into a tree stand would be a useful product for hunting. It wouldn’t matter if it took a while to get set up, because you’ll probably be up there for at least a couple hours, and it’s not like you’re going to follow a wounded deer riding on the bike once you shoot it anyway.
    I mostly hunt for foxes from a bar stool, though, so I’d still pass on it.

  4. Word on the streets is that they WILL be carried in places like Scheel’s All Sports- possibly exclusively for a short time. I’ll keep spending my dollars on Surly’s @ my LBS.

  5. Facebook says they will be sold exclusively through Scheels until the first of the year. After that, it will expand to other stores. I work in the bike shop a Scheels in Fargo and have seen it in person, seems like another fatbike. Retail is $2199.99 but I wouldn’t be surprised to see them at a lower price. The frame actually has a couple other welded on bits that the Muk does not have, I snapped a few pics and put them up.

    I started a thread on MTBR here:

    My pics aren’t showing up for me but I will do some investigating and see what happened.

  6. Why spend the extra $$$!!! I’ve harvested 2 elk off my Pugsley in the last 4 years. Ever see how quick you can get your gun off your back (when it’s secure enough for riding) Way too slow. The beauty of the pugs is the wide bottom bracket. Strap a scabbard to the top tube and off you go! I put all my other gear in the front panniers, so when I spot ‘em I can be stealth in a quick dismount and get in position for a shot. Talk about quiet….Check the link, I later put tape over the reflective pannier. 4wheelers are dumb, loud and stinky! Of course you’ll need help getting out if you’re successful

  7. Was at Scheels earlier today and saw it for a price point of $1300.00 so much cheaper then the Mukluk and being a huntress myself I am getting it. I have been meaning to get a fatty anyway and its realtree so hell yeah might as well.

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