Norco showed most of their new mountain bikes at Sea Otter, and all the news was 650B for the Sight, Fluid and Revolver. The showpiece was a carbon prototype of the top of the line Sight trail bike, but now we’ve got the official model run down. We also have images and video of their all-new Bigfoot fat bike and news that the Threshold Carbon cyclocross bikes all go disc only for 2014.

The Bigfoot looks to be a North Shore ready rig, evidenced by a promo video after the break, that’ll be equally capable on the snow and muck. Final spec and design will change a bit from what’s shown in the vid, but word is it’ll handle 4.0″ tires…

This video is a little promo for BeerMeBC, a craft brew review website. Need your own Growler cage? Check their link, or this or this.


Introduced last year with three models but only equipped with disc brakes, the entire Threshold Carbon ‘cross line will have rotors rather than cantilevers. At the top end they’ll have a SRAM Red Hydraulic spec for around $6,000 CAN. Expect to see these hitting stores by October.

We’ll have more specs, details and actual weights on these and more next week at Crankworx!


  1. I really like this video.
    Drink beer with beautiful woman, finish beer, go ride bike, get more beer, drink more beer with beautiful woman.

    And the bottle cage is awesome.

  2. Let’s see the Shinobi! I hope they haven’t forgotten about their first aggressive big wheeler in all of the 650b hoopla!

  3. The Bigfoot is going to be a great bike for Norco. My shops a dealer for them and we’ve already got electric kits ready to make one of the first fatbikes do 60km/h! Can’t wait for it.
    Weight is at around 27lbs I believe. It is for sure well under the 30lb mark, and MSRP is pretty nice as well, but not hammered out as yet. I’ll say light on the wallet and the weight. (For a fatbike that is).

  4. Cool stuff, you don’t need to add electric motor to make a fatty go that fast. I’ve had mine up to 66km/h down a big gravel hill.

  5. Xris, I have to disagree with your claim that the bigfoot is 27 lbs. I’ve built up about two dozen fatbikes so far, and with the specs I can see in that photo, there is no way that bike is under 29 pounds. Vee Rubber tires are not light, the rims are unbranded, and the drivetrain looks mid-level. I bet final specs have it flirting with 30 lbs.

    That said, the frame looks to have good standover clearance!

  6. Cool video. The trail, and riding, were great. I wasn’t a fan of the music.

    fortier, it is not the same bike. The top tube is the give-away.

  7. Definitely not the same bike! Evidence is the top tube. Watch the first part of the video, straight top tube. As pictured is the sloping top tube. A nice addition I might add for stand over and for winter riding.

  8. I picked up a Bigfoot at my LBS and I’d say its closer to 40 lbs. I have a 35lbs AM bike and the Bigfoot felt heavier than that. And for its price there is no way its sub-30lbs.

  9. I bought the Norco Bigfoot and got a free tire upgrade! I recommend anyone buying this bike to do the same. The stock tires aren’t worthy of snow riding! The bike weighs around 37lbs. It’s about the same weight as my AM bike. It’s an awesome bike that won’t break the bank. I think people are very silly for spending $5K plus for a snow bike “Beargrease and Surly”!! The bike is rigid and just widened to fit tires for crying out loud!

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