Brinno Bike Camera


Every few months we post a cellphone or POV video of a rider in some mindblowing altercation. This being the internet, the videos come in every flavor. Antelope body checks biker? Check. Biker on Biker? Yup. Angry Driver? Sadly.

So whether you’re just trying to capture the scenery or waiting for a newbie to crash, it’s great to have the camera rolling. The new Brinno Bike Camera Bundle, which retails for $289.99 (USD), and includes four AA batteries, a 2GB SD Card is trying to break into the crowded POV market.

What makes it special?Brinno Bike Camera Case

The Brinno boasts a wide 140 degree angle lengs, an aspherical lens, and a sensor that is claimed to adapt quickly to low light situations. Unlike a GoPro or Contour, the camera also has a 1.44 LCD Preview Screen built in for setup. Also available is an On-The-Go (OTH) Brinno Reader Accessory for uploading and playing back footage directly to any smartphone.


Via Phase3


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