Tune’s working on a new carbon crankset that’ll be among the lightest available and offer plenty of adaptability for various frames and chainring sizes.

Built around their “Smart Spindle System” design, which is essentially a long 30mm spindle, it’ll work with their bottom bracket fitting BSA, Italian, PF30, BB30, OSBB for Specialized, BB86, BB90, BB92, FSA pressfit and 386 EVO. What’s new are the hollow carbon fiber arms that will become the premium offering above their alloy Smart Foot road and mountain bike cranks. The alloy spider shown here is also new, with a 76 BCD to fit SRAM XX1 chainrings…or these new Tune single rings.

Pics, weights and more colors below…


The spider and bolts will come in a range of color options to match Tune’s existing catalog.

Word from Fair Wheel Bikes is that the spider is removable, letting you swap in the 110/130 BCD road bike spiders and 104/64 or 120/80 mountain bike double and triple spiders. Their new single chainrings will be available in even numbers from 30 to 38 teeth.

Claimed weight is just 360g for the crankset, which includes arms, spindle, spider, lock ring and lock nuts. But, they say that doesn’t come at the expense of performance, saying their layup gives it an excellent stiffness to weight ratio. Pricing and more info TBD.


  1. Everything Tune makes is awesome! I have the Mig/Mag 70/170 hubs, still smooth rolling after 11K miles.

    Can’t wait for the road version.

  2. Very cool. After initial skepticism over “yet another bb standard” I’m actually stoked on seeing more “smart” spindled cranks come out. I had no idea until recently they could be fitted to BSA shells, which makes them very future-proof, especially when you’ll lay down as much $ as this will likely cost. Graphics are perfect on this. Wish other companies would follow suit. Ahem, rotor.

  3. geesus the bb has gotten completely out of control. at the same time the life span has shortened and the price sky rocketed.

    im still using a isis internal bearing bracket. thousands of miles , hundreds of rides, 4 pedal sets later the bb is like brand new. i was watching a race vid on utbe and the team mechanic has to replace the bb bearings every 2 months on dh bikes with 140lb riders. they are external bb with isis splined.

    i still dont see the selling point for new crank tech. how many of these will snap right off ?

    im betting quite a few.

  4. I would not trust my salty balls to ANY weight weenie brands, be it american or Euro or whatever.

    Although Tune has a reputation for makin’ good stuff.

  5. @ Mindless: Ever heard of german engineering? Thats what got both the Americans and Soviets to space… And no i’m not german.

  6. German engineering is like Canadian, Japanese, American, British, Brazilian, Romanian engineering: it can be good or bad depending on the engineer(s) involved. That said, Tune has history of making quality products, mindless uninformed Euro comments notwithstanding. Certainly there’s nothing in this release that allows anyone to make an informed, intelligent statement about the quality of this crank set. See, this is just a news release about a product soon to be seen.

  7. Like itjustboris, I was more blown away by the actual number of BB standards…and people are getting their panties in a bunch over a 3rd wheel size.

  8. Tune has made some really nice stuff, but they also had very bad stuff out there.

    As always, I never buy series 1 of whatever.

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