zipp sl speed carbon and alumina alloy water bottle cages

Heck, if Lightweight can do it (here and here), so can Zipp. Now, those with somewhat limited budgets can also enjoy matching wheels, bars and bottle cages.

Their new SL Speed carbon and Alumina alloy water bottle cages are designed for equally easy side and front bottle entry without giving up any security. The arms on both flex to make angled entry easier, and Zipp says they work just as well on the downtube as on the seat tube.

Retail is $35 for alloy, $75 for carbon, with weights of 28g and 17g respectively (without bolts). Available in August. Click past the break for alternate views…



  1. $75 for a bottle cage. Right.

    And for what its worth, Alumina is the anhydrous powdered phase of aluminium oxide. Its a white power which goes into make aluminium… I’d like to see them make a bottle cage from that…

    May as well say its made from unobtainium – which at that price it may as well be spun from unicorm mane…

  2. Liberty555- Some people like to pay for vanity, such as myself. I guess if the market is there then take advantage of it, right? Whats $150 for a set of cages anyways?

  3. I agree TXC, I have 8 Zipp cages myself and they work fantastic, best cages I have ever used. Broke one last year and Zipp replaced for free. I don’t get why someone puts a $5 cage on a $8000 bike.

  4. A Blackburn Slick real weight is 23 grams. They cost 10 dollars, are available everywhere and have a lifetime warranty. Just saying …

  5. Interesting design. I have the Arundel Mandible and they are excellent. One of the only carbon bottle cages that are used in the Classics. I like a bit of carbon on my bike and don’t mind paying for it. Sometimes it is OK to just buy something because you want to and think it looks good. Arundel cages also just happen to be some of the best around. Lets hope ZIPP has made these as well as their other kit. Very light as well.

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