The upcoming Elite Turbo Muin fluid trainer should be the first direct drive fluid unit when it comes available in November.

The “direct drive” format became popular with the Lemond trainer, and Wahoo’s Kickr uses a similar system, but both are driving large fans that essentially act like weighted flywheels. The feel is great, but (the Lemond, anyway) can be super loud.

Initially it’ll be a basic fluid trainer with internal flywheel for realistic road feel. Eventually, they’ll offer a higher end model that incorporates their electronics and compatibility with their Real E-motion trainer videos. That software is getting an update soon, which will let users upload their own ride videos to an online server and make them available for others to use.

That unit above is a prototype, check the sales sheet after the break for a peek at the finished product and specs…



  1. Direct drive? That’s no more direct drive than using your own wheel. So now you wear out your chain but not your cassette so your chain skips when you hit the road. Nice?

  2. Bog, in both cases the chain is still turning a cassette. I don’t see how this would wear out your chain any differently than if a wheel was attached. A direct drive system would allow more consistent resistance each time you use it. Perfect for something like TrainerRoad. You no longer have to worry about wheel slippage, squeaky wheels on a drum, pumping your tires to a consistent psi, or turning your resistance knob the exact same amount.

  3. Victor, it won’t wear your chain any more quickly but a chain and cassette mesh together over time (even before one or both of them need to be replaced). People with high trainer mileage will be running worn chains on newish cassettes when they hit the road.

    Also, it isn’t like they used a proper cog belt which can slip. This belt can very well slip if the tension isn’t right. Needless complication and cost in my opinion.

  4. Yea, not sure what benefit really there is here over a dedicated trainer wheel/tire. I bought a PowerTap rear for my bike, and the old rear with a cheap Performance brand tire became the trainer wheel. Easy peasy.

  5. I would imagine the target audience would have a dedicated trainer bicycle to use on their megabuck trainer, so uneven wear of the chain would not be a factor?

  6. Most of the goodness from these is you don’t have to swap out a wheel just to warm up at CX or MTB races. I was staring down the Lemonds for quite some time and now will give these some serious air time when they roll out. Once you’ve warmed up on rollers with CX tires you’ll know the advantages of these types of trainers.

  7. Or you get a cheap used rear wheel off eBay, throw a trainer tire on there, and then use it on any fluid trainer you like.

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