Cannondale Slice RS, Slice, CannondaleThis recall includes all 2013 model year Cannondale triathlon and time trial Slice RS bikes including the Black Edition, Ultegra and Ultegra Di2 bicycles and framesets. The Black Edition bikes come in black and the word Cannondale is in green on the top tube. The Ultegra and Ultegra Di2 are white with red trim and the word Cannondale is in black on the down tube of the bicycle. The unusual brakes on the Slice RS models are mounted behind the front fork and under the chainstay. The brake plate can loosen and cause a potential fall hazard. Cannondale has received one report of a loose brake plate, however no injuries have been reported.

The effected models were sold at Cannondale retailers nationwide between October 2012 and June 2013 for between $5,500 and $11,000 for the bike and $4,500 for the frameset.

Consumers should immediately stop using the recalled bicycles and return the bike to a Cannondale retailer for a free repair, a Cannondale Terramo helmet and Classic Jersey. Cannondale is contacting its customers directly.


  1. Sucks but good for Cannondale offering this over a single report. Although I’d be a little miffed if I spent 11k on a bike and the brakes were defective.

  2. Cannondale are not usually the most accommodating company in my experience when it comes to warranty, so it’s good that they did the recall after a small number of reports. Having said that it does raise questions in my mind about “hidden” brakes in general, especially on road as opposed to TT bikes. I mean would the average club rider be better of having these critical components where faults and adjustments can be easily made?

  3. @Ajax
    Yeah boo Cannondale, they have one report of this happening and recall the entire range and give you free stuff as an apology, what bastards!

    also; inb4 hurrrdurrr cracknfail

  4. Free stuff sucks for sure!

    I had an issue with a Cannondale frame once. Was replaced hassle free with no questions asked. Pretty reasonable service IMHO. Been riding Cannondale since 2001, 1 issue, I’m happy.

  5. this will give manufacturers some pause as they desin future models with integrated aero brakes. I wonder if that is going to be a good or bad thing though! It would be great if we could find out ehat Cannondale’s fix on the Slice would be though. An extra fastener?

  6. A recall for 2014 models will soon follow,Cannondale realized they’ve produced the ugliest seapost in the market.

  7. This has been a known issue for Slice RS owners for some time and Cannondale has been great. They fixed my bike in less than two weeks and sent it back. Pretty painless if you ask me. This bike is amazing!

  8. Whenever there’s an industry recall it’s always “we’ve had one report of it happening and no-one got hurt”. Surely for it to get to the stage of a recall there would need to be more than one instance of it occuring (i.e. a pattern)? Maybe I’m just suspicious…

  9. @Suspicious: actually companies are quite adverse to having design or mechanical flaws make their way into public use: it’s bad for their image; it can hit their profit hard; and believe it or not they actually care about customers not being harmed by their products. So it’s not unusual for them to respond to a single incident, especially if analysis on their part (in response to said incident) shows a flaw of which they were not aware. This action on the part of Cannondale is exactly the sort of action we should want to see from good companies.

  10. Sorry to be a grammar nazi (but not sorry enough to keep my mouth shut); “The effected models were sold at Cannondale retailers nationwide” that should be “affected”.

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