After the introduction of the 27.5 Genius 700, Scott has slowly been releasing more and more middle sized bikes. The latest offering in the 27.5″ wheels is the all new Genius LT 700 – 170mm of Enduro crushing travel (which drops from the previous 180mm). Why 170mm? Well, when you have the travel shortening abilities of the Scott Twin Loc system, you can still climb with efficiency and then open all 170mm of suspension when things get pointed downhill.

We spotted a bike in the wild and take a quick look, next.

Scott Genius 700 LT (4)

One of the biggest changes for the LT is the new NUDE CTCD shock that was developed with Fox. The 26″ Genius LT was the last hold out from the old pull shock design. It’s interesting that a bike with fairly long travel gets by without a piggy back reservoir like on the Fox Float X shocks. The Genius LT has a 170mm front and rear descend mode, with a Traction control mode which shortens the travel, and a climbing mode.

Scott Genius 700 LT (8)

At the back of the bike, the brake is tucked neatly into the stays, and the rear end is a DT Swiss RWS 142×12 system.

Scott Genius 700 LT (15)

The Genius LT 700 is built with internal cable housing, and what looks to be a clamp mechanism holding the cables in place. Is it just us, or does that handlebar and stem look like it could be larger than 31.8?

Scott Genius 700 LT (2)

The other cables enter in through more traditional ports on the right side of the frame.

More when we have it – we’ve heard there might be a few other new 27.5″ bikes as well.

Scott Genius 700 LT (1)


  1. scott bikes are sick. Their equipment is awesome, their skis are great. All around awesome company. From their scale to this I’d ride them all. If only there was a dealer anywhere near me.

  2. @jaas @New England – I almost gave up watching it after reading your comments but it’s not even dubstep, just some electronic music.

  3. Looks like Scott is doing it even more right now. The best internal cable routing I have seen so far in a bike that appears to me. The Twin lock is awesome. 170mm of travel has me very interested. This looks like direct competition for the Rocky Mountain Altitude with some more refinements and more travel. My new bike $$$$ are burning a big whole in my pocket and need to come out soon! Rocky Mountain Altitude? 2014 29″ Specialized Enduro? or now this Scott Genius 700LT? I am going to have to analyze this 700LT in extreme detail and demo this thing for sure. I want one bike to do it all! I can’t afford to have two especially at today’s prices!

  4. @norm – isn’t the joke that Fairclough is wearing Nino’s rainbows? I thought that, and the expected reaction, was pretty funny.

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