DH Supreme Title ScreenIn between refilling your stoke on the trails, there is the dull tedium of every day life. So during those short intervals of quiet nothing, while waiting in line or taking a dump, it’s nice to get a little “riding” in.

Downhill Supreme is a side scrolling mishmash of physics puzzler meets timed trials. It’s not ground breaking, but there hasn’t been a (decent) mountain bike video game since 2003s Downhill Domination premiered on the PS2.

DH Supreme Bike BuilderOnce of the biggest features of the game is the ability to customize your ride through the games Bike Builder feature. New frames, forks, shocks, and wheels, are awarded seemingly at random as you progress through the levels.

For example, the ENVE DH wheels, some of the most expensive bling on the market today where available long before dozens of more reasonably priced aluminum options. The same holds true for frame and suspension offerings. Ultimately though, the upgrades you unlock throughout the game offer no tangible performance advantages – but they do look rad.

The biggest issue is that until the developer unlocks clothing changes, my little avatar can’t join the ranks of world’s fastest racers – pajama bottoms or bust.

DH Supreme ActionWhile some iTunes reviewers have complained that the new tracks are too hard, I’m happy to see a game develop release 40 some odd new levels for no additional cost. Many of the new tracks can be run through without finesse, but there are just as many that require careful balance and braking.

Unfortunately, the incredibly nice bikes in this game must all be equipped with canti’s from hell. The brakes work about as well as a Camry with one to many floormats. The other big issue is suspension. The rebound seems a little slow and big hucks often result in bucking displays that would make a rodeo horse proud. I’d suggest a suspension tuning page but anyone who’s ever worked at a bike shop knows why CTD is a great idea for the vast majority of riders.

All jokes aside, Downhill Supreme is a great little game, and at only a dollar, it’s probably the cheapest bike related purchase you’ll ever make. The graphics are sweet, the terrain is challenging, the rear hub makes a nice buzzing sound, and you can get your ” riding fix” anywhere. Heck, as soon as my editor turns his back again, I’ll get back to beating those last 10 levels!



  1. Fun litttle game. I got it after first seeing it here. I’ve opened all the levels, but I agree, the latest release of tracks are near impossible to win (winning amounts to attaining a 3-star rating based on time and seems arbitrary).
    I use the tilt controls to play which lets you finesse the fore-aft movement of the rider (vs joystick or buttons) which is not unlike riding (weight shift, etc).
    The rebound IS bad, but it just adds to the challenge…you have to learn how to land to mitigate the effect. I hardly use the brakes. Mostly pointless and are only valuable in a few conditions. Just pedal pedal pedal!

    Also, backflips are possible on certain jumps. Still working on the front flip though.

  2. Just because it’s only a dollar doesn’t mean it’s a good deal or a good game. I own an iPhone and 98% of the apps that I’ve purchase over the years are no longer used. I would be a little hesitant on buying this…sorry, it’s the principle.

  3. This game is a blast!

    @Gillis…I’ve gotten front flips to work 1-2 times, and I agree that some of the new levels are pretty hard. The original levels aren’t too bad. I have three stars on all of those, but more than one star is next to impossible on the new levels.

  4. Loved downhill domination – wish more MTB games would come out.
    Something on the Gran Turismo level but for mountain bikes. (would like a motorbike game like that too though 🙂

  5. Nothing better than an “app” for stealing more employment value from your employer! What are the statistics on use for “apps” on your GeniusPhone? I’d bet 95% of the time = at work, or behind the wheel in your vehicle. Great idea.

    At least you can pimp your Dream Bike’s Representational Image, even if the display in 2D doesn’t come anywhere close to the quality of Trials HD or Trials Evolution.

    “Smithers! What are you doing there? You’re supposed to be finishing that report!”

    “Sorry, Sir. I was trying to master the backfli… uh, I mean, I was calling our contact at SpoogeTech to confirm that data on diddling.”

  6. To be fair the Enve wheels were originally the best, then with the new tracks they released a load of new kit which they just added onto the end. The original progression of kit made sense. But yeah, it all make no difference.

    I’d like to know what the target times are for 3 stars though, I’m gradually getting to 3 on the newest levels, but it’d be good to know how far off you are. I’m being picky though, it’s definitely entertaining, and getting a series of jumps right is really satisfying!

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