Lizard Skin DSP_GripsRoad riders have been enjoying the tacky but uber soft DSP compound on their steeds for several years, but Lizard Skin is now bringing the tech to MTB. Glove free hands rejoice.

The grips are available in 8 colors and two thickness (30.3mm and 32.3mm installed) and are 130mm long. These grips do not use lock on so installation is a little involved and requires the use of double sided tape. On the plus side, weight is down. 27 grams for the smaller diameter and 30 total (including plugs and tape) for the larger diameter.

No word on pricing but fingers crossed it’s more competitive than the DSP Grip Tape MSRP.


  1. Any idea if these stay grippy when theyre wet? I hate wearing gloves, but almost everything gets slippery when wet <—-insert Motley Crew joke here <—–insert 'insert' joke here

  2. im surprised we’re even in an era where all grips aren’t lock-ons. whats the benefit of a non-locking grip? weight? seems like installing them is a PITA that we shouldnt be dealing with anymore, especially a “double sided tape” installation.

  3. Pretty psyched on these. Not sure about the double-sided tape thing, though.

    Insert joke here about “Slippery When Wet” = Bon Jovi, not Motley Crue.

  4. people that live in drier climates dont need lock-on grips. lock-ons compromise cushion, the required plastic sleeve takes up volume. but all that is old news with ESI grips. they dont slip AND theyve got just enough cushion.
    DSP road tape can get dangerously slippery when it’s hot and humid.

  5. People who lives in drier climates do wash their bikes too. I can’t the advantage of getting back to the classic grips… I still remember when I was using Onza’s Ulès attached with fine wire at both ends. Well done Lizard Skins!! [sarcasm]

  6. Not sure about the double sided tape, but it doesn’t seem like too much of a problem. I’m with greg though. After trying ESI grips, I don’t see any need to go back to lock ons. I like the DSP tape, so I’m curious to try these.

  7. ESI grips kick ass. A friend of mine thought they were like Ritchey foam grips with that cheap too sofy feel until he actually felt the ESI and realized just how comfortable they are. I know not everyone is a weight weenie BUT regular lock on grips are a huge weight addition. Thats basicly a 100 grams of unneeded weight. The difference between a really light bar and a DH bar. I see it as a very cheap and great way to drop nearly a 1/4 pound. These have my attention but I don’t know if they will feel as good as the expanded silicon of ESI. I don’t think people realize the weight differences between grips because they are a disposable component.

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