Rotor Power crankset with O-Synce cycling computer

We showed you an in depth breakdown of Rotor’s power meter crankset tech at PressCamp, featuring a massive data output with four distinct channels of info.

Now, they’ve got the first cycling computer that can handle it all and show you all four channels. The O_Synce (pronounced “Oh Since”) navi2coach will show Power, Power Balance (left to right), Torque Effectiveness and Pedaling Smoothness. Hit the link above for a detailed explanation of TE and PS.

Rotor distributes O_Synce in Spain, hence the tie in at their DealerCamp booth.

Rotor Power crankset with O-Synce cycling computer

Rotor’s Power crankset uses distinct left and right power meters.


  1. looks like indoor training gear only.

    reminds me of twin turbo parts for a car.

    just cant afford it. wouldnt want it. cant have it.

    i do 50 miles a week on a 30 lb xc mtb hardtail.

    i see the weight weenie roadies don here in fl and just laugh.

    over heard 1 guy saying he does 20 miles a week qnd i just started laughing. but his bike was prob 5 grand.

    i just wow whats wrong with people ? buying into the marketing.

    my bike is prob 1000 max

  2. @synced: You do 50 miles a week? HA!

    I do 50 miles averaging 19mph in one day with my steel bike (~25lbs). My bike is $800 max.

    Seriously though, why the hate? If this isn’t for you, cool. But don’t put other people down. Especially if you only do 50 miles a week.

    If someone wants to spend +$5gs on a bike, then let them. I’ll tell you this, my $6,000 bike is sweet and this tool looks cool for those that have that want that type of measurement in their rides.

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