K-Edge has just added a SRM TT mount holds any SRM cycling computer, joining their recent Garmin TT mount. It slides over the aero extension, so it does require removal of the extension to install, but has a minimal design and weighs just 20g (claimed).

Two options are available, one for ovalized Shimano Pro aero bars and one for normal 22.2mm round extensions. Retail is $49.99.

More pics and details below, plus a new SRAM adapter that’s saved them the trouble of making their own…


Two spring-loaded balls act as the retention system.


On the bottom is the ovalized version for Shimano PRO extensions. They had to add these since they sponsor a pro team that uses them.


With the latest iteration of the Garmin Pro Mount and it’s swappable, twistable plastic base, K-Edge is planning to develop inserts to accommodate a wider variety of cycling computers beyond Garmin. However, SRAM just added this little adapter for certain Edge computers that mount by sliding on from the side. It’s cheap, and it twists into a standard Garmin mount base, so K-Edge scratched that one off the list.

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