Raleigh’s 2014 mountain bike range sees two new hardtails, the Tokul and Eva, bring 27.5″ wheels to the range, but in two very different ways. It also borrows the Raleigh Sizing System from the road bikes, and the Talus 29ers get a few upgrades and a new alloy frame option.

The Eva (above) is a new women’s 27.5″ alloy hardtail mountain bike with an entry level price point starting at just $450. Geometry is more like the Talus, so it’s for XC riding, but with a very shapely frame finished with great graphics. Here, they went with the middle wheel size because the average height for US women is 5’5″ (their data), so this let them provide a good fit with a bit better rollover than 26″.


The top end Eva 6.5 comes with ergo grips and size specific handlebar widths, plus women’s specific saddles. It gets Promax hydraulic brakes and full Shimano drivetrain for just $800.



The colors and decoration are feminine without being patronizing, much like the rest of their range. Note the color matching even across the rims on all models.


The top model comes in at 28.66lbs (13kg), but with a triple chainring and full alloy cockpit (and likely tubes in the display model), it’d be easy enough to put it on a diet with a frame that’s worth upgrading. And remember, it’s just $800. And it’s being modeled by Brian.

2014 Raleigh Tokul 650b steel mountain bike

The new Tokul 27.5 is designed for modern flow trails. It has a slacker geometry, shorter stem and low stand over height combined with a 130mm travel fork. They gave it the 27.5 wheels because it let them make the chainstays shorter than a 29er and keep it super nimble.

2014 Raleigh Tokul 650b steel mountain bike

The frame is 4130 chromoly and comes with a full Shimano Zee drivetrain and MRP chainguide for $1,350.

2014 Raleigh Tokul 650b steel mountain bike

The steel Tokul comes in at 28.59lbs (12.97kg), shown on the left. Below that are a few alloy versions, peaking with the $800 alloy version with the Promax hydro brakes and Shimano drivetrain. It’s on the right at 28.4lbs (12.88kg).


The Talus 29 Carbon Expert is a their top end carbon race hardtail. It dropped almost 1.3 pounds from last year thanks to smart parts selection, which includes a SRAM 2×10 group.


The steel XXIX hardtail singlespeed remains unchanged save for paint. It also gets the classic motorsports paint scheme used so heavily on the 2014 Raleigh road bikes.

The Talus 29 Comp (shown in the background) is the new 6061 alloy frame that gets updated geometry. The top tube is a bit longer and stem is shorter, so fit is the same but handling is improved. It’s a bit lighter, too, and it gets Shimano drivetrain and hydraulic brakes, Rockshox XC 32 air fork and wider, lighter wheels and rims. All that’s just $1,100.

The base Talus 29 uses the same frame and has Promax hydraulic brakes and a full Shimano drivetrain for just $700.


  1. STUPID!

    1) 650b is a new emerging trend, and Raleigh is making the business decision to fractionate their 650b line into a men’s and women’s version. That’s just dumb business practice.

    2) Where’s the 142 x 12 rear thru axle? They should’ve save their money from the men / women’s line and gone with something that increases production costs hardly anything at all with much better return on investment.

    Raleigh is just dumb. No business sense at all.

  2. Cool bikes! I wouldn’t say Tokul has many “modern flow trails”, but it’s worthy of a righteous steel bike just the same.

  3. @Ajax

    You are correct. Raleigh has no business sense. That’s why they have need around for over 125yrs. And 650b is a trend just like 29ers.

  4. Pricing is actually $1,850 on the Tokul. Either way I’m getting one on the way. Looks sweet. Throw a dropper post on there and be ready to rock!

  5. I’m excited about the women’s specific 27.5 but the colors are not at all appealing. Enough with the flowers, filigree, and random nonsensical designs. I would just assume have a black frame and if I want to add color (grips, hubs, spoke nipples, seatpost collar, headset spacers) I have the option. As a consumer, based on the color schemes, I would rather buy the Talus and have it fitted as best as possible. Those women’s colors are all wrong…

  6. Glad to see Raleigh offering a 27.5 line for the masses, especially wise decision for the ladies. Can’t wait to see them in person.

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