Ready to go to work? Levi’s is preparing to help you get it done with the aid of their traveling commuter bike shop. Levi’s has been refining their commuter line up since its introduction, and is now looking to help you dial in your ride with free tailoring, bike tune-ups, repairs, a bike valet and wash. Embarking on a 6 city tour for the month of August, Levi’s will have expert mechanics and custom tailors on hand to help make your commute that little bit easier. There will also be live concerts and gold sprints, ensuring a good time for all even if your bike and gear are all ready dialed. Best of all, is it’s all for free!

Check out the list of cities and dates, next.


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  1. don’t those cities already have bike shops? although they are probably sorely lacking in free service bike shops. also, nothing says bike commuting like “tailored clothing”

  2. Levi’s jumped into BMX a few years ago only to pull out in the blink of an eye, I will try to attend the one in MPLS

  3. The tailor part got my attention.

    I’ve tried their jeans a few times and they’re always too tight on the legs. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever tried a pair of cycling specific jeans/pants that haven’t been too tight on the legs/butt. They seem to design the jeans for skinny leg cyclists. What about us guys that have thicker, muscular legs?

  4. @JimmyZ LOL

    If I’m being reported for wanting pants that won’t feel like they’ll rip when I get off the saddle… take me to the slammer! lol

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